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3 Reasons Why The New YuGiOh YCS Top 16 Change In The TCG is Good

YuGiOh Championship Series YCS Card Game LogoKonami just released the news there will be a major change to the top 16 cut in YCS Atlanta. This is really big news since this will change not just the YCS game play, but how we all will be playing YuGi’s!!

Here is what Konami announced:

Starting with the YCS in Atlanta, GA on January 31st – February 2nd, we are changing the way the Top 16 works for YCS events held in the Americas.

Instead of the normal Advanced Constructed Format, we will now have the Top 16 Duelists draft their Top 16 decks, and compete in Booster Draft format, using the Brand New War of the Giants – Round 2.

This will challenge our Top Duelists, measure their skill at the game in the broadest possible sense, and give them a new play experience that’s different from the previous READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

2013 YuGiOh Wave 2 Tin Super Rare Cards Revealed

2013 YuGiOh Wave 2 TinsSo Konami finally let us know what all the super rare cards are going to be in each of the 2013 Wave 2 Tins. They chose some interesting cards to be included in each tin. Since I have many of the cards they included I’m not to excited about these tins.


As usual Konami selected a card you could only have gotten from being a Shonen Jump member, an exclusive card from a manga and cards from recent sets that have somewhat of high price and are not as readily available.

I’m not really sure why they chose these cards. I actually expected to see READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

YuGiOh Shadow Specters Sneak Peek Experience November 2013

shadow specters yugioh card matHave you ever been to a sneak peek? If you answered no, then you sure are missing out on a great day of YuGiOhing and you should try to get to the next one that comes around. Trust me it is worth it! Go! Go! Go!

If you said yes, then you know how much fun they are. Not only do you get your hands on some of the cards in the new set a week earlier, but you get the rush of opening new packs. Not just any new packs but unorganized packs. Meaning you could possible open up your packs and pull a whole lot of holo cards.

This event is the one of the only times when you READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

2013 YCS London Finals Match Videos Patrik Rieder Dragon Deck vs Alpay Engin Dragon Deck

Dragon Vs Dragons YCS London 2013Hey everyone! I just found these videos and needed to share it with you. It’s the full 3 games of the 2013 YCS London Finals between Dragon Rulers (Patrik Rieder) vs Dragon Rulers (Alpay Engin).

This match came down to the current top teir deck battling it out to see who will be called the best version of the format!!!

Each game came down to the one player having the answer to the others aggression or defense. These are some great games to watch to see how READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Dragon Rulers Deck List Profile Patrik Rieder YCS London 2013 Winner

Dragon Rulers YCS London YugiOh Card GameIs anyone really surprised about the Dragon Ruler Deck winning? Yeah, me either. It reminds me of a couple of formats ago with wind ups. It gets hit with the ban list and still fines a way to stay strong. Let’s see what happens comes January.

How do you feel about Dragon Rulers wining again? Leave your comments below.

Congrats to 1st time YCS winner, Patrik Rider for his dominating a field of over READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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