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2013 Yugioh World Championship Match Video – Dragon Rulers vs Spellbooks

YuGiOh 2013 World ChampionshipDing! Ding! Ding! Ding! Hello ladies and gentlemen. You are about to witness an epic battle between the two top tier decks of this format.

On your left is Shin En Huang from Taiwan playing the big heavy weight of this format. The deck that has allowed many players to come from behind and get wins that they should have lost. The deck that can just special summon 2000+ attacking monsters and still get a handfull of cards at the end phase. The deck everyone has been looking out for with their Big Eye. Let’s hear it for the Dragon Rulers Deck.

On your right is David Keener III from the USA playing the magicical deck of this format. The deck that basically locks down everything it faces against. With the right set up it can lock out its opponents with just one turn and still search for cards and special summon during the end phase. The deck that you have to use your best Judgment against. Let’s hear it for the Spellbook Deck.

I’m sure you are excited just as I am to witness this duel to see who will be crowned the 2013 YuGiOh Champion of the World. Are you ready?



Leave your comments about the duel below. I for one thought it was a good game 2.

video provided by: TogoresAndCards

Here is my review of this finals match


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