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3 Things NOT To Do At A Major Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Tournament

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Trading Card Game LogoHey guys! We went to our regionals, Kings Game, in Brooklyn New York. And I have to say it was a great experience for all of us. We all learned a lot from game play, strategies and even card rulings. What we also learned, and probably the most important, was what NOT to do.

Knowing what not to do can make the diffenence between you being a super star “pro” winner and just being the person wishing they could be the person that won the whole tournament.

Here are our 3 top things NOT to do at a regionals or any tournament:

3. Get To Your Match 3 or 10 minutes Late
When you look at the pairing list, make sure you go to your assigned table number ASAP. If you take your time and arrive 3 minutes late you will get a game lost. If you arrive 10 minutes late you will get a match lost. So if you happen to be in the bathroom and the pairings go up. You better finish up real quick or you just might have to win 2 games in a row.

2. Listening To The Judge Give His Ruling On Other Matches Around You
It’s great to hear and know the rulings of different cards, just in case you play them or might have to play against them. But remember, you are in a match and that match has a time limit. Every second counts when you are in a timed match. It can make the difference of who wins and loses. Don’t waste time listening in and learning. You can do that after your match is over.

1. Don’t Buy Cards From Other Players
I know the store you play in may have a case full of cards at high prices. Or at least what we feel are high prices. But what you need to remember is they have bills to pay too. If they didn’t pay the people to run the tournament / event you wouldn’t be there. By you buying the card from someone else for $5.00 cheaper, you are taking money out of the store. The same store that either is your local or main store for large event.

But if you still are going to do it, make sure you don’t do it in the store or even around the store. Go to a McDonalds or some fast food store around you and do your transaction there. And also don’t start bragging about your deal when you go back to the store either. Tell your friends about it on the ride home or away from the store.

Place a comment below to let us know your thoughts about this.

Listen and see what happened to our friend Ryan at our regionals this past weekend 9-19-2010

4 Responses to “3 Things NOT To Do At A Major Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Tournament”

Free Yugioh Cards | October 7th, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Great post :) Yugioh is gaining a lot of popularity these days, probably because of all the new decks and cards coming out.


What also is a good food for thought is a regionals get familiar with this surroundings for that can save time with a lot of things like looking for the bathroom the food and the most important the table numbers for the duel matches when pairings come up


@James – that is so true. Glad you added it. Keep playing good YuGi’s!


@Free – thanks for the support. Yu-Gi-Oh is becoming very popular. I’m seeing more people at tournaments.
Keep playing good YuGi’s!


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