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5 Top Playing Mistakes You Should Not Do Playing Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Official RulebookIt’s amazing how we always say we lost a game due to a mistake / misplay we made. We say, “If only I did this instead of that. I would have won.” We all say it and all do things we wish we could take back. The ONLY good thing is that we learn from our mistakes / misplays.

Here are the 5 top playing mistakes you should not do….

5. Playing quick spells / traps before attacking into a face down monster
Why do we do this? Our opponent has a face down monster and maybe a face down trap / spell. It’s our main phase 1 and we set some back row cards and a face up monster. We then attack into the face down monster without ever thinking what that face down monster may be.

What happenes if that face down monster is a Ryko? Now our opponent has a choice to either target the back row or the monster. Also what if one of our set cards was a quick spell? We can’t use it on our turn now. So make sure you set most of your spell and trap cards during your main phase 2.

4. Always read you opponents cards
Let me repeat that, “Always read your opponents cards!!!!” If your opponent plays a card that you don’t know what it does, read it. Read it as many times as you need to. Read it until you fully understand what the card does. Don’t just go by what your opponent says it does. They sometimes don’t fully understand wha the card does. That can be the difference between you winning or losing!

3. Remember to use your card effects
This may sound real simple and may even sound ridiculous. But we all have done this in some form. We forget to use the effect of our cards. How many times has a player forgot to bring back their treeborn frog during their standby phase? Or let some one search a card from their deck to their hand with a Thunder King Rai-Oh on the field.

Some times spell cards have multiple effects on them and we forget to do one of them. Example Gemini Spark, you target one of your gemini monsters then destroy one of your opponents card. That’s great but we forget the draw a card part of the card. We get so involved in removing their card we for get to draw our card. So remember to use your cards effects.

2. Always look at your set / face down cards after every step and opponents move
We sometimes forget what we have as a set card. We may have set it 2 turns ago and forgot what it was. So always look at them all the time so you can refresh your memory of what you have in play.

1. Keep score for you and your opponent
I’ve done this and I’m sure you have too. You let your opponent keep score. This is one sure way to lose a game or match. I’m sure your opponet is trust worthy :) But what if they are not. They can forget to take damage you dealt them or make you take more damage than you should have. Plus you never really know where you stand in the match with life points. You might be able to go for the kill but since you don’t know what the score is you may not take that opportunity.

So make sure you keep score. Use what ever tool works for you . Paper and pen, a calculator, or use what I use. An app. Since I have an iPhone I have an app called Ycal. It’s a great app that allows me to keep and track both our life points. It also has a dice roll so I don’t have to worry about who will go first. Take a look at the video above to see it in action.

I thought it was a bit pricey at first, $4.99. But it has allowed me to have a peace of mind that I will always know what the current life points are and how they got to that amount. You see it can track the amount of life points that a person took. You should go check it out.


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