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Aaron Noel Dino Rabbit Deck List Review 2012 YCS Chicago Winner

Rescue Rabbit YuGiOh Card Game Photon ShockwaveWow! The king deck of the meta has won it again. What is even more surprising is that it did it with no priority. So I guess we can all hale to the king!!!

Congrats to the recent YCS winner, Aaron Noel, for his dominating a field of over 1,100 people and taking the prized first place with his main and side deck tech choices. I was surprised he played this deck with getting short notice, 3 day before the event, about priortity no longer in the TCG. But that just shows you how skilled of a player he is along side an amazing deck.

Instead of me explaining things about his deck, I will let him explain everything himself. This is from an article I read on

Hello everyone, my name is Aaron Noel, and I’m grateful to be sharing with you my experience at the latest YCS tournament in Chicago last weekend. The last event that I attended was YCS Toronto, where I placed a disappointing 33rd after the Swiss rounds. Determined to top my next event, I had taken an older approach to getting ready for YCS Chicago.

When preparing for the YCS, I had already decided what deck I wanted to play which was Rescue Rabbit. But prior to testing a Rescue Rabbit deck, I had played with other popular decks that I thought would be played at the YCS. These decks included Heroes, Inzektors, Dark World, and most recently Chaos Dragon. I believe that the best way to prepare for an event isn’t only learning the ins and outs of your strategy, but also the ins and outs of the other decks. By learning how the other strategies of the format work, you are able to predict their plays and figure out what hurts them the most.

After weeks of play-testing other decks, I finally came up with a Rescue Rabbit build that I thought would give me the greatest edge game one, taking into consideration that I would mostly play against Rescue Rabbit and a mixture of the other decks I had tested. Main decking cards such as Bottomless Trap Hole and Spirit Reaper worked well for me.

The week before the YCS, I tested the build in a local tournament and it was successful. With this in mind, I thought that my deck was finalized, until I found out about the new Fast Effect ruleset! Since there was such a short period of time in between the news and the event, there was not much time to test a new deck. I decided to stick with Rescue Rabbit and stayed up the night before the event, talking with my teammates about what cards would be best suited for the main and for the side.

The Tournament
Before the tournament, one of my teammates was testing the build against Inzektors. He realized that a particular tech card they were using was causing a huge problem for our Rescue Rabbit build. With this in mind, we made a quick change to the build, swapping out Dimensional Prison for Raigeki Break before the tournament started.

Round 1 – Ninja Mist Valley
This match went to game three because it was an unexpected deck. However, in the end I used my Evolzar Dolkka to negate down his Mist Valley Apex Avian. Once it was off the field, I was able to apply pressure with Thunder King Rai-Oh and Royal Decree for the win

Round 2 – Hero Kid
I was able to dictate the match with Evolzar Dolkka alongside Tour Guide From the Underworld.

Round 3 – Wind-ups
He was unable to open up with the traditional Wind-Up combo in both games 1 and 2, because of this I was able to capitalize with Evolzar Dolkka and protective traps.

Round 4 – Chaos Dragons
Game 1- I started with Rescue Rabbit but he used Effect Veiler to negate the effect. He unfortunately could not destroy the Rescue Rabbit on his turn, and lost two turns later with the bad hand.

Game 2 – I made an Evolzar Laggia in an attempt to protect my Macro Cosmos, but my opponent drew a Ryko Lightsworn Hunter to destroy it and played Return from the Different Dimension to wipe out my remaining life points.

Game 3 – I opened with Rescue Rabbit, Tour Guide From the Underworld, Macro Cosmos and was able to protect my field for the win.

Round 5 – Dino-Rabbits (Patrick Hoban)
This round went to a game 3 as well: my opponent had a face-down monster which I was reading as a Snowman Eater, so I used my Leviair the Sea Dragon to make an Evolzar Laggia to protect my field for the turn. Next turn I would make an Evolzar Dolkka to be able to get rid of the Snowman Eater. He was able to predict my play, and chose to activate Heavy Storm to bait out my Evolzar Laggia negation. I didn’t take the bait and I left him with one card in hand. He proceeded to lose over the following two turns.

Round 6 – Inzektors – Lost
This round went to game 3, in which I had control of the game during the late stages. He was low on life points and I had a monster on the field. I acknowledged that only one Torrential Tribute was used, so I chose to summon a monster into his freshly drawn back row, playing the odds and hoping that it was not the second Torrential Tribute…but it was. He was able to draw a monster for game the following turn.

Round 7 – Chaos Dragons – Draw
Game 1 – He was able to draw a fairly good hand, being able to drop multiple big monsters such as Lightpulsar Dragon from his hand and swarm the field before I could gain any real set up.

Game 2 – This game was dragged on for a long time, I was able to flip a Macro Cosmos early in the game and protect it so that he would not be able to do anything. At the same time, I could not inflict any damage to him fearing that he might have Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. Once I had a way of dealing with the potential Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, I began to attack and won with beat down. Time was then called while we were side decking for game 3.

Round 8 – Inzektors/Stun
I knew right away what deck I was playing against because I had sat beside him earlier in the tournament and was able to set up my field to be able to deal with his deck. I won both games with traditional protection due to the inconsistency of his hands.

Round 9 – Dino-Rabbits
Game 1 – I was able to fight through his first turn Evolzar Laggia using my Smashing Ground, but was unable to handle his Tour Guide From the Underworld a few turns later.

Game 2 – I opened up the game with a poor hand of triple normal monsters and a Rescue Rabbit. From my experience with playing mirror matches, I knew making a Evolzar Laggia first turn and being able to protect it would be crucial. On the following turns, I would set my normal monsters and bluff them as Snowman Eaters. My opponent took the bluff and in the next two turns I was able to recover the hand with a field of both Evolzar Laggia and Evolzar Dolkka and win from there.

Game 3 – I had opened poorly again with all spells and traps, and the game was quickly going into time. I finally drew a Rescue Rabbit and summoned it into his back row, once it resolved I figured that most Rabbit decks were not playing Mirror Force. I decided to attack with both monsters first before making Evolzar Laggia, to inflict more damage, and he was not able to recover the difference in life points.

My record by the end of the day was x-1-1. My teammates and I didn’t play-test anymore thinking that we would rather get a good night’s sleep to be alert for the next day.

Round 10 – Chaos Dragons
This round went to time in game 3. I used a Fiendish Chain on my Acid Golem to negate his effect of not allowing me to special summon any monsters. I summoned Rabbit, turned it into Evolzar Dolkka and attacked to put myself ahead by 700 life points. Although I did not have any protective spells or traps I felt safe because the Dragon deck does not play any main decked monsters that have more than 3000 attack. I figured he would not be able to attack over the defense of Acid Golem. Although I left my Evolzar Dolkka in attack mode, the most damage he could do would be 700 with a Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning.

Round 11 – Inzektors
During this match I was able to control things with Effect Veiler and my Xyz monsters.

Top 32 – Dino-Rabbits (Joseph Giorlando)
Playing against Joseph was one of the more difficult mirrors I played in the tournament. He understood the deck as well as I did, and was able to use his cards at the right moment. In game 3 he destroyed my Evolzar Dolkka with Dark Hole, fought through my next Evolzar Laggia, and also used Solemn Warning to stop my Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. The following turn with my hand of Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, and Smashing Ground I needed a monster to keep me in the game. I drew into Monster Reborn, allowing me to clear off his field and Reborn for game.

Top 16 – Chaos Dragons
I lost game one of this match mainly because he had been able to drop a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness in defense position, and I was unable to get rid of it allowing him to build up to a big turn. I then controlled the next two games with Macro Cosmos and Evolzar Dolkka.

Top 8 – Inzektors
Game 1 – I had opened with possibly the worst hand I had drawn of the tournament, allowing him to easily Inzektor combo me on turn two and attack for game.

Game 2 – I opened with Rescue Rabbit, and controlled the game from there using Macro Cosmos and other side deck cards.

Game 3 – It was his turn to draw a bad hand opening up with no monsters. I was able to take advantage of it as I drew the nuts in this game with Heavy Storm, Solemn Judgment, Effect Veiler, Macro Cosmos, Rabbit and Tour Guide From the Underworld. Once I had gained advantage with a +1 off of the Heavy Storm, he was unable to deal with my back rows or Tour Guide From the Underworld.

Top 4 – Chaos Dragons (Simon Yip)
Game 1 – After I had destroyed his Card Trooper the following turn, he left his board open which led me to read that he had Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, giving me cause to make Evolzar Dolkka before I attacked every time.

Game 2 – Once again, this was controlled by an early game Macro Cosmos and then a flurry of monsters leading to game with the use of Leviair the Sea Dragon and his own banished monsters.

Finals – Dino-Rabbits (Daniel Nunnally)
Game 1 – I believe this was the only time during the day that I misplayed my hand, by searching out Rabbit instead of Effect Veiler through a Sangan effect. I realized that I had no way of stopping a Tour Guide From the Underworld or Rescue Rabbit if he was able to get rid of my Evolzar Dolkka. Sure enough, he was able to get rid of my Evolzar Dolkka and I went for my side deck.

Game 2 – During this game I was able to bait him into summoning into my Torrential Tribute with my Sangan on the field. The turn after, I realized that he had no Gorz the Emissary of Darkness once I used my Mystical Space Typhoon on his set Forbidden Lance, allowing me to make Evolzar Laggia and negate his summon (if he had one) and go for game the next turn.

Game 3 – I was surprised when I saw that he had not sided out Jurrac Guaiba, and crashed it into my Kabazauls. After I had used Pot of Avarice, I was able to break through two Evolzar Laggias using a Snowman Eater on the first, and then baiting out his negation on the second allowing me to chain Dimensional Prison and remove the Evolzar Laggia. On the next turn I drew my Tour Guide From the Underworld, allowing me to clear his field of Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and Leviair the Sea Dragon using my own Leviair the Sea Dragon, Sangan, and both normal monsters to make Maestroke the Symphony Djinn. I used Maestroke the Symphony Djinn’s effect, and turned his Leviathan face down; ran it over with Sangan; bumped my Maestroke into his Leviair the Sea Dragon; removed a material to keep it alive, and then attacked for 1800 direct. Daniel drew and looked at his next card and then offered the handshake.

In my opinion, I won most of my games through the use of my side deck. I believe that Rabbit Decks are versatile and you are able to maximize the different types of cards you can rotate in and out of the deck without them hurting the synergy of your overall strategy. Here’s what I sided for some of my biggest matchups.

OUT: 3 Jurrac Guaiba, 1 Forbidden Lance, and 1 Mystical Space Typhoon
IN: 2 Snowman Eater, 1 Smashing Ground, 1 Dimensional Prison, and 1 Raigeki Break

OUT: Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, 1 Mystical Space Typhoon, 1 Forbidden Lance, Mind Control, Mirror Force, And Bottomless Trap Hole
IN: 1 D.D. Crow, 3 Macro Cosmos, 1 Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, and 1 Raigeki Break
Chaos Dragons
OUT: 3 Jurrac Guaiba, 1 Effect Veiler, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, 1 Forbidden Lance, 1 Mystical Space Typhoon, And Heavy Storm
IN: 2 Thunder King Rai-Oh, Smashing Ground, 3 Macro Cosmos, Dimensional Prison, and Raigeki Break

Post Chicago Decklist
After going through this event, there are a few minor changes I would have made to the deck. One card which I thought could have single handedly won me multiple games would have been Starlight Road, the card allows you to play your hand with out the fear of being punished by your opponents’ power cards. Another change I would have made would have been to swap out the side decked Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer for a Spirit Reaper.
arcticle from: First Place with Dino Rabbit at YCS Chicago

Check out his entire deck list and side below
Aaron Noel YCS 2012 Chicago Champion

Monsters: 20
3 – Tour Guide From the Underworld
3 – Effect Veiler
3 – Jurrac Guaiba
3 – Kabazauls
3 – Rescue Rabbit
3 – Sabersaurus
1 – Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1 – Sangan

Spells: 12
3 – Mystical Space Typhoon
2 – Forbidden Lance
1 – Book of Moon
1 – Dark Hole
1 – Heavy Storm
1 – Mind Control
1 – Monster Reborn
1 – Pot of Avarice
1 – Smashing Ground

Traps: 9
2 – Solemn Warning
2 – Fiendish Chain
1 – Bottomless Trap Hole
1 – Mirror Force
1 – Raigeki Break
1 – Solemn Judgment
1 – Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck: ???
Evolzar Dolkka
Evolzar Laggia
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
Leviair the Sea Dragon
Acid Golem
Wind-Up Zenmaines

Side Deck: 15
3 – Macro Cosmos
2 – Royal Decree
2 – Snowman Eater
2 – Thunder King Rai-Oh
1 – D.D. Crow
1 – Dimensional Prison
1 – Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
1 – Raigeki Break
1 – Shadow Imprisoning Mirror
1 – Smashing Ground

Get your hands on a Dino Rabbit Deck here: Dino Rabbit Deck

What do you guys think of his deck? Leave your comments below.

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