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Posted by carlos

We are a bunch of guys playing a card game we enjoy. Some have been playing as long as the game has been around and some have just recently been introduced to the game.

Little Man (Carlos Jr) – Looked at a Yu-gi-Oh card and started to collect them. In time he wanted to play. He’s the reason for us forming Team Yu-Gi-Dojo.

Carlos – Use to play Magic the Gathering a while back, but his son got him into play Yu-Gi-Oh. Gotta love the kids!

Leo – Has been playing for some time. Great player and teammate.

Frankie – Has been playing just as long as Leo. Great player and teammate.

Ronell – Has been playing ever since the game has been around. Great player and teammate.

Here is a video of us at the New York Regionals 9-19-2010