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Are You An Undercover Yu-Gi-Oh Player?

Undercover Yu-Gi-Oh PlayerI once wrote an article asking Is YuGiOh Really Just a Childs Card Game? Most of of the replies I got was, NO! Since we know it’s really not a childs card game and most of us are way pass being a child. Why are some of us scared to let others know we play?

Just this past weekend at my locals, one of the guys was playing and got a call. He picked it up and started to talk to the person on the other line. Since he was in the middle of the table, all of us around him could hear what he was saying. Here is what we all heard:

Yes, I’ll pass by after I finish playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yeah! Yeah! I’ll pass by after I finish playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

I said I’ll pass by after I finish playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

Is Jen there? Don’t say anything about me playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

All of us busted out laughing. You see it was OK to say you play Yu-Gi-Oh to your boys. But when it comes to girls knowing, well that’s a BIG no no! He’s not the first person and most likely the last person to do or say something like that. Why is that?

I’m sure you enjoy playing and hanging out with other people that enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Being on the trading floor with other like minded people. Throwing strategy and tech cards at each other to get a better result in your matches. All those things are the things that get us all excited about playing this game. So why are some of you ashamed to let other people know you play? Especially the girls?

There are some cute girls that play this game too. Do you think they are ashamed to let other people know they play Yu-Gi-Oh? I don’t think so because some of them even have YouTube channels with a lot of videos about Yu-Gi-Oh. So why is it OK for the girls to tell everyone and not OK for the guys to?

I would say don’t worry about people knowing you play Yu-Gi-Oh. If they don’t know it now, they will later on. If you are cool now, you will still be cool when they find out you play Yu-Gi-Oh. I use to play Magic the Gathering when I was in college and everyone knew I played. Even the girls I were dating at the time. None of them left me cause I played a card game. So be proud that you play Yu-Gi-Oh.

Maybe I’m missing something here about why some people are under cover Yu-Gi-Oh players. If so, leave a comment below and let me know.


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