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Are You Winning Or Losing Games Cause of This?

I Lost The GameLA LA LA LA! Hey Hey Hey! Good Bye!

The Sanfransico 49ers gave the New York Giants a hell of a fight. But in the end the G-Men where able to pull out the win. They were able to win cause they capitialized on their opponents misplays / mistakes. Are you doing the same?

You see there are times when your opponent makes the wrong play. And it’s your job to realize when they make that misplay / mistake and capitialize on it. Remember some misplays can be seen just by what is on the game field. You know the opponent can XYZ into a Wind-Up Zenmaines and stall for some turns but does not. Or they forget to activate one of their moster effects that activates in the grave like Glow-Up Bulb or xx saber darksoul.

Sometimes your opponent may just say it out loud that they made a misplay. I mean right when they make it and they even explain how they made their misplay. This one is real easy since they just told you their potential move.

Then there are ones that we can’t see from the board but by the opponents body language. You may see your opponent doing their plays and then make a certain facial expression. A sort of DOH! look on their face after they finish their play. Meaning they wish they could go back in time and redo their play. You may not know what they would have liked to do. But you do know they made a misplay. It’s your job to see the look and make sure they keep that look until you have won the game.

There are times they make a misplay that allows you to continue to make your play. They may have some cards set and forget to look at them when you make your play. Or forget to look at the cards in their hands too. Then they make some type of body motion that signals to you they should have or could have done something to disrupt your play. Maybe they had a Solemn Warning for your Thunder King Rai-Oh or an Effect Veiler for your Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Either way you need to see that expression and use it towards you winning the game.

Just like the Giants helping their opponent make the misplay (poking the ball out to cause a turn over), you sometimes need to help your opponent make their misplays. Maybe letting them feel comfortable to set more than one back row when you have a Heavy Storm in hand. You set two back rows that you are going to use right away, maybe a first turn Trap Dustshoot and a Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Or faking your own misplay, making your opponent think they can make their move. But really you are trying to lead them into your trap. Remember those body expression above, you can use them too. Make them play their Wind-Up Zenmaines when you have a Cyber Dragon in hand.

So my question to you is, Are You Winning Or Losing Games Cause of your opponents misplays? Leave your comments below

3 Responses to “Are You Winning Or Losing Games Cause of This?”

[...] Game 3 was called into time. So we had to play 5 turns and the peson with the highest life points at the end of those turns wins. Turn 1: He does nothing except draw and says pass. Turn 2: I daw, summon a Thunder King Rai-Oh, set a back row and say pass. I didn’t want to attack and let him get a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness on the field. Turn 3: He summons a wyvern then removes it to red metal. I then used thunder king to negate the summon. He the sets a back row. Turn 4: I Monster Reborn his red metal and attack. He does nothing and takes it. I set a back row and pass. Turn 5: He can’t do anyting to get rid of the dragon and deal 2900 damage to me. I win a match I shouls not have won, but as I’ve said any time before, take advantage of your opponents misplays. [...]


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[...] Call of the Haunted Now that Monster Reborn is not around again. This card can be a suitable replacement. I know it doesn’t allow you to get your opponents monsters, but it can get that one key monster from yours. Again with only 3 Mystical Space Typhoons, your opponent will have to think long and hard to allow you get that monster. Making them think hard can cause them to make mistakes. It’s your job to capitalize on their mistakes!!! [...]


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