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Billy Brake Top 4 YCS Charlotte X-Saber Deck Profile Review March 2011

XX-Saber Emmersblade Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Card GameWith the new ban list hitting a lot of the decks that were old reliables, some decks that have been hibernating finally woke up. One of these decks is the x-saber deck. This deck has been sleeping since it won Lazaro Belido the YCS Toronto 2010 .

X-saber were not hit as hard as say Blackwings or Six Samurai. It did lose 2 book of moon. But that also means every other deck also lost 2 book of moon, which actually helps this deck. Now it no longer has to be as worried about one of their 2 x-sabers being fliped face down and not being able to either special summon the xx saber faultroll or special summon a synchro monster like xx saber hyunlei.

With this knowledge, Billy Brake decided and geared his x-saber deck to a top 4 showing in YCS Charlotte. He decided to go with a some what standard / traditional x-saber build. One which runs 3 xx saber emmersblade, 2 xx saber boggart knight and 2 xx saber faultroll

He didn’t add a debris dragon for the instant black rose dragon. What he did add in was an extra x-saber pashuul, and 2 Effect Veiler. Putting in the extra pashuul allowed him to have a wall up against the samurai deck and another tuner to use for synchroing. He also was able to get it pulled out of his deck with one of his tech cards reinforce truth. The 2 Effect Veilers were put in for any of the decks that use monster effect. Especially good against six samurai, gravekeepers, dragunity, fish and the mirror match. Good call on his part!!

What I found very interesting was his choice in spell cards. He used 2 enemy controller and 2 Pot Of Duality. The enemy contollers allowed him to sort of brain control his opponent with xx saber darksoul. Or put a monster in defence position for his xx saber fulhelmknight to attack into to use its special summon effect. But I really didn’t him playing 2 Pot Of Duality. I wouldn’t run this card since most of the deck relies on special summoning. I can understand you use the card to search out the piece you need for next turn. But what happens if you get the piece you need now and don’t get another turn to use it.

Here is a video of Billy talking about his deck with a full deck list below.

Billy Brake YCS Charlotte Top 4 X-Saber Deck List – 40 Cards:

19 Monsters:
3 – xx saber emmersblade
3 – xx saber fulhelmknight
3 – xx saber darksoul
2 – xx saber boggart knight
2 – x saber pashuul
2 – Effect Veiler
1 – super nimble mega hamster
1 – x saber airbellum

10 Spell:
2 – Pot Of Duality
2 – mystical space typhoon
2 – enemy controller
1 – monster reborn
1 -dark hole
1 – giant trunade
1 – book of moon

11 Trap:
2 – Solemn Warning
2 – seven tools of the bandit
1 – trap dustshoot
1 – call of the haunted
1 – solemn judgment
1 – torrential tribute
1 – mirror force
1 – gottoms emergency call
1 – reinforce truth

Extra Deck:
2 – xx saber gottoms
1 – x saber urbellum
2 – xx saber hyunlei
1 – naturia beast
1 – naturia barkion
1 – Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 – Scrap Dragon
1 – Stardust Dragon
1 – Colossal Fighter
1 – Ally of Justice Catastor
1 – black rose dragon
1 – mist wurm
1 – Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth

What do you think of Billy’s updates to the deck? What changes would you make? Leave your comments below.

3 Responses to “Billy Brake Top 4 YCS Charlotte X-Saber Deck Profile Review March 2011”


You forgot to put in XX-Saber Faultroll in maindeck.
Anyway, I have no idea, why he didn’t include 3rd Boggart and/or Faultroll (well, the 2nd maybe cause of dead draws, but as you said, BoM definitely less often distrups your plays) Additionally, only 1 Gottoms’ Emergency Call? It’s odd, cause easy +1 (BoM limited!) it’s great card to have @ 3.
So if I wanted to build X-Saber deck simillary, I’d remove 2x PoD, 1x Dustshoot and a CotH (Emergency Call>this) add 1x Boggart, 1x Faultroll and 2x Gottoms’ Emergency Call.
Except this, deck looks great! Gratz Brake!


I would have put the 3rd boggart knight, 2nd gottoms, and maybe a saber hole. Saber hole replaces the 3rd warning.

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