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Bye-Bye Priority

Bottomless Trap HoleIt finally has happened. There is no more priority in the TCG. Konami recently made an announcement on their strategy site discussing they have added a new rules section to the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game web site. Below is the announcement from their site.

The Advanced Rules Information section is accessible by clicking GAMEPLAY on the left-hand side, or from the GAMEPLAY drop-down menu.

Our first two items are already posted there, and over coming weeks and months we will be adding more information to help clear up some of the questions you might have about how the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG works.

Fast Effect Timing is a detailed guide to show you which player has the next opportunity to activate a fast effect (meaning a Quick-Play Spell, Quick Effect, Trap Card, or Trap Card effect). This can get a little tricky sometimes, but how this is handled can have a big impact on the outcome of your Duels. So please study it carefully! In addition to clearing up a lot of questions, the Fast Effect timing guide & chart will change how you play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.

Priority Chart YuGiOh Card Game

These rules take effect immediately.

We’ve also added downloadable, printable versions of both the explanation and the accompanying flow chart(shown above).

Our overall goal is for a cleaner, simpler game that removes the confusion that some players feel.

That way, you can focus on your play. Not on how to play.
article: New Advanced Rules Section on – MUST READ!

As you can see from the flow chart, the turn player can not active ignition effects when they summon. The only thing that can happen are trigger effects. Meaning if you summon a Rescue Rabbit you can not tribute it without allowing your opponent the ability to chain to the ignition effect. That now means your Rescue Rabbit effect can now be negated by Effect Veiler.

This is going to change the meta real fast. As cards like Bottomless Trap Hole can now remove from play boss monsters, like Dark Armed Dragon and Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier, before they can activate their ignition effects.

I’m excited about this change. What about you? Leave your comments below.

14 Responses to “Bye-Bye Priority”


I’ve already modified my Gravekeeper deck for the change. I’m surprised I had the time.


“Meaning if you summon a Rescue Rabbit you can not tribute it without allowing your opponent the ability to chain to the ignition effect.”

I’m a rabbit player and since when do you tribute rescue rabbit to get his effect lol. Ps this is gonna be a fun philly ycs


I am kinda glad about this overall. My deck doesn’t use priority too much. I just don’t like hw so many decks are losing viability because of this change.


@Chucky – You are correct. They get to activate anything prior to you using the ignition effect. But if they don’t do anything, effect veiler, when it’s summoned, you can tell them you are activating the effect. Once they say OK, you can activate the tribute part of the effect. At that point they can’r veiler it due to it not being there any more.

We are going to Philly too. Let’s see if we can all meet up. Maybe get some duels in or videos too.

Keep playing good Yu-Gi’s!


@momiwantcake – a lot of deck are losing viability, but other are becoming better too. It just made more decks we need to look out for.

Keep playing good Yu-Gi’s!!!

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@carlos yeah that sounds pretty cool now I’m just gonna revamp the deck I just gotta think about a cupple of cards to take out in the main and side :-)

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Nice broke out the flow chart and everything, you mean business.



@Koss – That’s the only way to get a visual of it.


You cannot chain effect veiler to rescue rabbit’s effect. You should re read the FET article a thousand times, re read the rules, especially the activation chaining and effect parts. Or ask someone to explain it to you. Basically When you activate rabbit’s effect, it banishes itself then you can chain anything to rabbit’s effect but since rabbit is no longer on the field you can not chain effect veiler. Before the FET changes. The player would summon rabbit and banish it giving the opponent no legal window to activate eff veiler. Due to priority not regarding spell speeds over turn priority.


@Drchuletas – You are correct you can not chain to rabbits effect. But you can veiler it when it gets summoned. When you veiler it after it’s summoned, it can still tribute itself but the effect of bringing out 2 monsters will not happen. This is due to it being veilered.


its kind of funny to see, how “official” konami have to get, to bring the community and UDE the rules how to play this game.

even in the first rule book is written, that monster effects that have to be called out in order to activate them are at the same speed as normal spellcards (except the card effect says different). all people who play this game should know normal spells (speed 1) cannot chain to other effecs, even if its still speed 1. quick spells/effects/traps (speed 2) that removes the monster from your site as a reaction to the summoning befor you can activate anything was the intended way to the begin with.

where did the “priority” rules come from. they are deffinitly not part of the official rules

the only sort off “priority” have effects that occure by successful summoning a monster wich have continous effects like Jinzo or oneshots like monarfchs. the only ways to counter these effects are to counter either the summoning by counter traps or negating the effects

but well…this makes argumenting to some…ppl…extremely easy…

Bye Bye “Priority!”


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