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Can You Really Do That Heros?

Thumbs up down YuGiDojo Video of the WeekHey everyone! This weeks video of the week is a really good one. It will explain key plays you can do and look out for when you are playing or playing against a hero deck. Did you now you can activate monster effects while Skill Drain is on the field?

If you are playing a hero deck, this video will show you different plays you can do to take full advantage of your cards. If you are not playing a heros deck, this will help you be aware of plays your hero opponent may be trying to do. I found out how Elemental HERO The Shining can miss timing of returning the removed from play monsters to the hand.

So go check out the video and make sure you don’t say, “Can you really do that?”

Yugioh Rulings with Ztroc7: Heroes
From: ZTroc7

***There was on rulling he states in the video that is not correct. It’s when Gemini Spark is used on a Elemental HERO The Shining. The Elemental HERO The Shining will not miss it’s timing of returning monsters to the hand since Gemini Spark says AND in the text. So both destroying and draw a card happens at the same time. Thus Elemental HERO The Shining going to the grave is the last thing to happen.

Elemental HERO The Shining can miss the timing when it’s effect is not the last thing to happen. Meaning if there are other effects on the chain that activate that will make it miss the timing. Frazier Smith did this in his match. Here is what he did. “His opponent activates Miracle Fusion for Elemental HERO The Shining and he chains Effect Veiler to the summon and then flipps his facedown Torrential Tribute to force Elemental HERO The Shining to miss its timing.

My Bonus Tip
Remember if you are playing with Super Polymerization, you can use a set monster on your side of the field. If you have a elemental hero monster in hand and are affraid of it’s normal summon getting negated by cards like, Solemn Warning or Evolzar Laggia, you can set it face down on your side of the field and use it as material to activate Super Polymerization.

I know looking at this has made me look at things a bit different and will help me from here on out. Did this video help you?

What do you think of today’s video? Leave your thought below



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