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Cards That Got Better With No Priority

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Effect Veiler Duelist RevolutionSo priority is no longer in the TCG. We all have said bye-bye to priority. Know we have to move on and use this to our advantage.

I recently read and article by Patrick Hoban on ARG articles and he discusses some cards that have gotten better with no priority. I have added some additional cards I feel he missed with an explination on why it got better. Here is part of Patrick’s article:

Cards That Got Better
There are a list of cards that got better because of this rule change. They are now more effective against the top tier decks than they were before the rule change.

Effect Veiler – This should have been the first card to pop into your mind when you heard about the rule change. This card clearly got better than it ever has been before. Previously, Effect Veiler did almost nothing to the popular Rescue Rabbit deck. Now, as I mentioned above, you can Effect Veiler their Rescue Rabbit before they have a chance to use its effect. Then the next turn you can simply attack over it. Keep in mind, you will have to activate Effect Veiler when they summon their Rescue Rabbit. You cannot wait for them to activate Rescue Rabbit’s effect as it is a cost to remove and you won’t have a target for Effect Veiler. This is why you could not Effect Veiler Rescue Rabbit in the past. I would expect the card to be played in 3s this weekend.

Book of Moon – Similarly to how you can Effect Veiler a Rescue Rabbit now, you can also play Book of Moon to turn it face down before it has a chance to activate its effect.

Bottomless Trap Hole – This card certainly got better as well. Your opponent can no longer take priority to activate a monster’s effect before you have the chance to Bottomless Trap Hole it. This is especially relevant now that Dragons are gaining momentum. If they summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or Chaos Sorcerer you can simply Bottomless Trap Hole it before they can use the effect. You can also Bottomless Trap Hole a Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity before they can use its effect to special summon a Wind-Up from the deck.

Chain Disappearance – Chain Disappearance was already a solid card against Inzektors as it hit their Tour Guide, Hornet, Card Trooper, and Dragonfly. Now the card is solid against Rescue Rabbit decks as well since you can remove both the heart and soul of the deck, Rescue Rabbit and the Tour Guide.

Hero Blast /Gemini Spark – The loss of priority also gave a huge boost to Heroes. You can now interrupt power plays that were previously safe guarded by priority with your Hero Blast or Gemini Spark.

Forbidden Lance Yu-Gi-Oh Card GameForbidden Lance – This will surely act as an answer to the increase in trap cards that are now good due to the rule change. Imagine someone trying to Chain Disappearance your Rescue Rabbit and you saving it with Forbidden Lance and continuing your turn as planned.

Forbidden Chalice – As if this card wasn’t already good enough, it got better! The card works similar to Effect Veiler and if you activate it on a Rescue Rabbit, they can pay the cost, but won’t be able to special summon two normal from the deck.

Rageki Break/Phoenix Wing-Wind Blast – These cards got better for the same disruptive reason as listed in many of the cards above.

Skill Drain and Fiendish Chain

Both of these are continuous trap cards and can only affect monsters while they are face up on the field. If I summon Rescue Rabbit, even though I don’t have priority, and you flip Skill Drain, I can still pay the cost and remove it. Since Skill Drain only affects things on the field and Rescue Rabbit is no longer on the field, I can special summon two normal from my deck. The same goes for Fiendish Chain.

***These are the cards I added:

Torrential Tribute – This card can deal with any monster that is summoned. So your opponent summons a monster and you flip over this card. They can’t do anything with their monsters except removing them from the playing field.

Compulsory Evacuation Device – This card becomes amazing since it can basically take away the players normal summon away from them. They normal summon a monster and since they can’t use it ignition effects, it goes right back into their hand. So you just took their 1 turn normal summon away from them. With eveyone XYZing monsters, it also gets rid of them too. Be on the look out for this card.

Mystical Space Typhoon – Now that people are going to play a lot of the above traps/spells, this card will be needed for protection. This card probably is already being played at 3, if not it will be from here on out.

How Will This Change Affect the Decks?

Rescue Rabbit: I think people are writing this deck off a little bit more than they need to. Resolving Effect Veiler doesn’t mean that the Rescue Rabbit is off the field. Playing Effect Veiler is a -1. If they set some form of removal and used it as a 1 for 1 to keep the Rabbit alive, they can make a Laggia the following turn which is a +1. Now they have a Laggia in a simplified game state. I think that Rabbit decks can adapt to this rule change by playing more 1 for 1 removal like Bottomless Trap Hole and Dimensional Prison.

Inzektors: This deck was not directly hurt by the rule change whatsoever; however, indirectly it was hurt a lot. Before this, decks were playing anywhere from 0-2 Effect Veilers. Now with the rule change, Effect Veiler becomes the nuts and it seems silly to not run 3 in most decks. This will be a blow to Inzektors.

Wind-Ups: Maxx “C” has seen less and less play for a while and will almost certainly continue to see even less with the increase in power of Effect Veiler. Does this mean it is time for Wind-Ups to shine? Probably not. They still have to deal with the three Effect Veiler and now I can activate a Bottomless Trap Hole on your Zenmaity before you can even use the effect.

Heroes: If any deck got better because of the change, it was Heroes. They lost absolutely nothing from it, but gained a more powerful Hero Blast and Gemini Spark. This deck will see tons of play this weekend.

Dragons: This deck had the most monsters that could take advantage of priority; Chaos Sorcerer, BLS, REDMD, Card Trooper, Lumina, etc. It will be interesting to see how this deck fairs this weekend, especially if Inzektors see as much play as I think they will.
original article: Priority

These cards are going to be played a lot more now. What cards do you think got better with no priority? Leave you comment below.

3 Responses to “Cards That Got Better With No Priority”


You should know that priority can not totally disappear. Cards that take imediate action upon summon gives turn player priority. I.E. Stratos, Zaborg, Mobius, Great Tornado, E-Hero Gaia,Snowman Eater (when fip summoned,) Bubbleman (second effect,) Vylon Ohm, ect.


@Matt – You are correct player priority has not disappeared. The ability to activate an ignition effect without your opponent being able to respond to the summon is what is now gone.


@matt those are all trigger effects and has nothing to do with this article or recent “priority” change that ONLY referred to ignition effects


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