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Congratulation Josh – 11 Year Old Player Toping at Locals

Machina Fortress YuGiOh Card GameWe would like to give a big shout out to one of our younger YuGiOh players, Josh. He’s 11 years old and has been toping at our locals. He has toped 8 and toped 4 multiple times. He’s even won some tournaments too. He beat me, Carlos, just a few weeks ago to get one of the top prizes.

Josh has been playing at our locals for quit some time. He was there before I even started playing. He use to play a blackwing deck before it got major hits from the March 2011 ban list. Now he plays a Machina Gadget deck with super secret Josh tech.

I am amazed that he has not backed down against a lot of older experienced players. He does not just play his cards, he puts in strategy too. Which really shocks me being he’s only 11 years old. People at his age that play this game just play cards they like all bunched up into a deck. But Josh actually thinks about what cards he puts into his deck.

He’s on a hot streek tacking down some of the most popular decks too. Be on the look out for him at the bigger tournament soon….

Check out his video about his current winning deck.

4 Responses to “Congratulation Josh – 11 Year Old Player Toping at Locals”


Thats pretty cool, but not exciting. I don’t know about how good your meta is bu we got Chris Arantes, Patrick Hoban, Da Lee, and other great players and i win/top almostevery locals i got to, which is every weekend. I’m 12 and top regionals.


but with gorz, the effect of solidarity is not aplied


um yeah we had a 8 year old top at out locals for like 3 mths strait when the new six sams came out so i don’t know what’s so great about a11 year old topping
I don’t play anymore, I’m just a lvl 2 jugde that judges all the locals in our town

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