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Generation Force Sneak Peek Pack Opening

Generation Force Booster PackAs always sneak peeks are great. Everyone is excited to see who pulls what out of their packs. A lot of trading goes on with everyone making offers to the one person that pulled the most sort after card. So nothing was different at the Generation Force sneak peek.

Since this set is intoducting us to a new type of monster, Xyz, there was a bunch of people at our locals. So much more that the owner needed to pull out another table. And he still didn’t have enough room for everone to have a seat. But none the less, we all just wanted to get our packs and rip them open. Hoping to get the one card we really want out of the set.

One such card is Steelswarm Roach. Everyone wanted to get their hands on this secret rare Xyz monster, including us. Another card was Orient Dragon. I personally really wanted to get a copy of this level 6 synchro monster. Included of the list of cards people wanted to pull was the new Xyx monster Leviair the Sea Dragon. This is really an amazing card that will be seeing a lot of play once it’s legal.

A lot of people got cards they wanted at our locals. 2 people even were lucky enough to pull a Steelswarm Roach. And as expected everyone swarmed then like a bunch of steel roaches to see and ask what he wanted for it. People were offering $50.00 worth of cards others were offering him $40.oo cash. In the end he sold it for $40.00. Which was a great deal for him. He got his entry fee back, got the rest of his cards for free, and still had some pocket money to enter in the second event.

Everyone had a great time, from the 6 year old to the 30+ years old. I really like sneak peeks cause it give us a break from thinking about the meta and playing competive Yu-Gi’s. It allows you to act like a little kid, screaming or yelling out the cards you pulled out. It also let the little guys have as much of a chance to beat the bigger guys too. It just let’s everyone be free to have a great time. And that is exactlly what happenend at our locals.

Check out what we pulled:

What did you guys pull at your sneak peek? Leave your list below:

2 Responses to “Generation Force Sneak Peek Pack Opening”


i spent 100 dollars at that sneak peek(i got in total 2 mats and 25 packs)and pulled 2 steeelsworm roachs.they are awesome and one might be for trade

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