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Hansel Aguero vs Samuel Pedigo 2011 North America World Championship Finals Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh-World Championship QualifierAll I can say about the finals match is WOW!!! Each deck was playing reborn tengu with a little twist in their deck. That twist is what made all the difference in Hansel Aguero becoming the 2011 North American World Championship winner.

You see Hansel Aguero was running a Tech Genius (T.G) strategy combined with a card specialized to suit his monsters type, Beast and Beast-Warrior. That card is Horn of the Phantom Beast and it sure did make a diffenernce in this duel. It allowed him to draw more game changing cards. As you know, the more cards you can draw the better chances you have at beating your opponent.

Not taking away anything away from Samuel Pedigo either. He was running a Tour Guide From the Underworld version of Tengu. This would allow him to get the pieces he would need to get into his money card on field, T.G. Hyper Librarian. And when he got it on the field it sure did swing the game to his favor. He actually was able to summon two of them in one turn. It was an amazing thing to watch.

Once they release deck lists I will write a review on both decks. But for now…..
Take a look at the entire 3 duels below:




I really enjoyed watching these duels. It made me remember that we should play with cards we want to play with. No matter what other people say how bad they are or not used. Did you see how Dark Bribe just dominated the entire match.

What did you think of these duels? Leave your comments below

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[...] This was a 16 player tournament. The playing format is 4 rounds of swiss then straight to top 4. There were some good player there, even the reigning North American national champ Hansel Aguero. [...]


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