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How to Prevent Your Opponent from Cheating

Thumbs up down YuGiDojo Video of the WeekThere are hundreds of videos about Yu-Gi-Oh on YouTube. Some are acadamy award winning, with either great acting or amazing content. Then there are some that can win the best “FAIL” award. You know those videos that just shouldn’t have been made.

After looking at a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh related videos. And I look at a lot, a lot, a lot of videos. I’m one of those Yu-Gi-Oh FOMO’s. I need to be informed about everything going on. Here is what I thought was the best video I saw this week.

Tips on How to Prevent Your Opponent from Cheating!
From: SeriousTreebornFrog

I must say this opened my eyes on the different ways people can cheat. There were even ways I didn’t think people could possible pull off. But they show you how and display how easy it can be for them to pull off.

Now I hope you don’t use this as a “How to” become a better cheater. But look at it a way to be more aware of what your opponent is doing. Some people will do anything to win.


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