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Is Reborn Tengu Really That Good Of A Card?

YuGiOh Card Game Reborn Tengu Extreme Victory As you know the new set just came out, Extreme Victory. With it comes a lot of new cards that will change the way we play. But one card that is making headlines is the TCG exclusive and sneak peek promo, reborn tengu

You probably already know this , but reborn tengu is absolutely the shiznits. You tribute it for a tribute summon and special summon another one from your deck. Use it as part of a synchro monster and special summon another one. Attack head first with it into a mirror force or dimensional prison and guess what.. Special summon another one. Get removed by battle, black rose dragon, torrential tribute, etc. it really doesn’t matter how it gets removed from the field, you get to special summon another one from your deck. Now tell me that is not just insane.

The only thing I can think of how you can not getting another one is by nobleman of crossout or phoenix wing wind blast. Since the only situations in which reborn tengu won’t claim its effect are whenit’s removed from the game face-down, or when it’s sent directly back to the deck.

See why Reborn Tengu is the shiznits

When you heard about this card you probliblt thought, “combos.” And you would be right! It’s quickly becoming a stable in Fables and Doppel Synchro decks, both of which can leverage a single on-field Tengu into many synchro monsters within a single turn. It’s one of those cards that makes you think of differnt way to use it. There is an OTK deck that uses Divine Wind of Mist Valley. Remeber it’s a wind monster.

You and your friends already know that reborn tengu does broken stuff in combo decks. What’s not being talk about much is the potential this card has out side of those types of decks.

Tengu does put in a lot of work in those busted OTK strategies. But it’s also an amazing defensive powerhouse. It creates a wall of chump blockers that an opposing combo deck would have to swing through to get at your life points. Most of the top decks have easy access to monster destruction, Samurais have Hand of the Six Samurai and Mizuho to protect legendary six samurai shien. Miracle Geminis have Gemini Spark to force a fast tempo and simplification. And Gravekeepers have Gravekeeper’s Descendant to claim quick card advantage and force through your defenses. It’s a hell of a time to lose the coin flip.

But reborn tengu’s biggest contribution to the game could actually turn out to be its ability to defend you from those cards. Blow away a face-down Tengu with Hand, and the Samurai Duelist takes a straight minus in terms of card presence, while doing nothing to soften up your field. The same can be said of Gemini Spark, and while a Gravekeeper Duelist won’t always lose card presence off a Descendant played into a Tengu, they won’t gain any ground either. While reborn tengu is a great card for combo decks, it may also be a great addition for any deck, largely due to its defensive power and its stabilizing presence.

Get your three copies now, because if it turns out that every deck needs three from here on out, it’s going to become the most expensive sneak peek promo ever.

What do you think of this card?

One Response to “Is Reborn Tengu Really That Good Of A Card?”


Awesome card. Its too bad I can’t use it since I use prisma glads. No room for it :(


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