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Is YuGiOh Really Just a Childs Card Game?

YuGiOh IDuel Yami Little YugiI was at my recent locals and I heard someone shout out, “Come on guys! We are a bunch of grown guys playing a childs card game! It’s not that serious!” At that moment I looked around to see how many kids where around. And to my surprise there was only 1, Little
. Not one other kid was around. That got me thinking… Is Yu-Gi-Oh really a child card game?

Do we say it’s a kids game because it’s based on a cartoon? You know the stigma that people place on things that they perseve to be child like. I’m currently 37 and really enjoy playing this amazing card game. Just because it’s based on a cartoon does that mean that older people can not enjoy it too?

When I go to regionals, I rarely see any kids at them. I’m not saying that they don’t go. But they usually go with an adult to watch over them. I once took little man to a regionals, our 1st and it was a bit scary for him. So many older people asking questions and asking to see his trades. Funny how people always flock to the new kids to see what they have in their trade binders. But that’s for another article.

I feel Konami knows this game really is not a kids card game. Maybe it started it out that way, but currently I feel they know it’s not (nothing wrong with that). You see they know the people who have money are the older guys like us, over the kids age. We are the ones that will travel all over the country to play in a tournament. I don’t believe any kids would be allowed to go anyware with out an adult, let alone across the US.

I feel that’s why they created the Dragon Duelist League. They realized that the kids are not going to be able to compete in high stakes Yu-Gi-Oh. So they created something special just for the kids. I think this is great, kids playing kids. Sort or evens out the playing field.

We also know that many of the top cards cost a lot of money. How much does Solemn Warning cost now? Or better yet when a new set comes out. Does a kid have that type of money? I know most don’t, unless they are Richie Rich.

So what do you think? Is Yu-Gi-Oh really just a childs card game? Let us know below

2 Responses to “Is YuGiOh Really Just a Childs Card Game?”


yu-gi-oh! is not a kid’s game,of course they can play,but truth be told, it is far more complicated than most of card games,and the original fist cartoon(yu-gi-oh! or yu-gi-oh season zero,the one that we know is called yu-gi-oh! duel monsters in japan and it too was edited by 4 kids…guess why? for kids to be able to wach it without bein traumatized[excuze me 4 the terrible english,not isung it much])was really darker and at least 15~16 years censored if uncut,also,the cards are expensive and the game is aways growing,just like the players,first you had 4 startegies :beatdown,overdeck,burn damage or exodia decks
and now?
we have the synchros,strategys & combos with effects,the xyz monsters ,it1s not a “who’s more powerfull or who’s the one taht can deal mor damage at once” game, now it’s more deep than ever and it’ll continue growing

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