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Legendary / True Six Samurai Profile February 2011

Legendary Six Samurai Shi En Now that the new set, Storm of Ragnorok, came out we are all getting ready to play or play against one of the most awaiting decks to come out. A deck that most people are calling broken. That deck is Six Samurai.

We were lucky enough to get all the cards needed to create the deck. Leo actually was able to play with it at our locals this past weekend. He only lost one game against a plant deck that cold waved then brought out a Black Rose Dragon. Other than that he won all his matches and topped in the tournament.

The deck is super fast and can bring out monsters like no tomorrow. I have not played against it yet, since I didn’t stay to play against it. But from what I saw, it’s going to be a little hard to beat it. It can come at you with a bunch of 2100 or 2500 attacking monsters in a blink of an eye.

Remember that does not mean it can not be beat. You just have to play smart and make the right plays. If you can do that then you have a good chance to brag that you beat a Six Sam deck.

Here is a deck profile of Leo’s deck

Get your hands on a Six Sams deck here: Six Samurai Deck

What do you think of the deck? Leave a comment about the deck below.

4 Responses to “Legendary / True Six Samurai Profile February 2011”


Great deck. I like it alot. Do you think the price to make this deck will go down soon?


I see this happening only if any of the cards get hit on the ban list. If not, they are going to stay about right where they are until reprints come out. Similar to how x-saber were.


I just saw the ban list for march 1st and gateway went down to one so it looks like the cards prices will go down so other people can run it.


Yup. So are you going to try and make it?


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