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Michael Stibbins Inzektor Deck List Review Winner 2012 YCS Tacoma Seattle

YuGiOh Card Game Inzektor HornetI’m loving this format. Each YCS we have seen so far has a new championship deck. We have just witnessed the rise of a new champion, that champion deck is Inzektor. This deck has been trying to get the top spot and it finally did by winning this YCS!

Congrats to 1st time YCS winner, Michael Stibbins, for his dominating a field of over 1100+ people with his agressive and dominating deck. He had an epic battle in the finals against Mermails Atlantean. Being able to make it to the finals in a format that had so many different decks in the top 32 shows that Michael is a very talented and skilled player.

I was reallly surprised to see this deck topping. I would not have thought this deck would be the latest deck to win it all. But it seems it was a good meta call to play since alot of the current top deck don’t run that many traps. Also a lot of people did not have Effect Veiler in their main or side decks.

Michaels build is really good. I’m not just saying that cause he won. He used some new cards to his build that were not included in most traditional Inzektor decks. One such cards is Cardcar D. Since most opposing players don’t like to put a lot of stuff on the field ,this card allowed Michael to draw into his combo pieces when he did not have anything to do on his turn. It also combo’s well with the next inovative card in his deck Threatining Roar.

Threatining Roar was the MVP of his deck. This card puts in so much work in this format. For one it’s chainable. So when his opponents use Mystical Space Typhoon during their turn, he just flips this over and they can’t attack him. Better yet they go all out to end the game and he flips this. They just basically gave him a game win, since during his turn he has targets and can go for the OTK.

Since he has been playing the deck for so long he knew all the combos. So it should not be a surprise that he was able to pilot the deck to the top. As I always say, give a player a deck they know in-side-out and you will have a difficult match up. No matter waht deck they are running!

Go check out Michael’s complete deck with side and extra deck below:

Michael Stibbins 2012 YCS Tacoma Winner Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

Monsters: 18
3 – Inzektor Centipede
3 – Inzektor Ladybug
2 – Tour Guide From the Underworld
2 – Cardcar D
2 – Card Trooper
1 – Inzektor Hornet
1 – Inzektor Dragonfly
1 – Inzektor Giga-Mantis
1 – Sangan
1 – Spirit Reaper
1 – Dark Armed Dragon

Spells: 12
3 – Mystical Space Typhoon
2 – Inzektor Sword – Zektkaliber
2 – Pot Of Duality
1 – Dark Hole
1 – Monster Reborn
1 – Heavy Storm
1 – Foolish Burial
1 – Forbidden Lance

Traps: 10
3 – Threatining Roar
3 – Call of the Haunted
2 – Solemn Warning
2 – Compulsory Evacuation Device

Side Deck: 15
3 – Soul Drain
2 – Ryko Lightsworn Hunter
2 – Maxx C
2 – Royal Decree
2 – Gozen Match
2 – System Down
2 – Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck: 15
2 – Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
2 – Wind-Up Zenmaines
1 – Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja
1 – Tiras, Keeper of Genesis
1 – Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon
1 – Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh
1 – Number 39: Utopia
1 – Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1 – Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 – Number 20: Giga Brilliant
1 – Acid Golem
1 – Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
1 – Temtempo the Percussion Djinn

Get your hands on an Inzektor deck here: Inzektor Deck

I like Michael’s build. What do you think of Michael’s Deck? What changes would you make? Leave your comments below.

2 Responses to “Michael Stibbins Inzektor Deck List Review Winner 2012 YCS Tacoma Seattle”


Io lo giocherei senza tour ma a pescata con i Maxx “C” e con più mantis tipo 2.
In oltre la imitazione di insetto che non fa male al posto della lancia proibita e delle pot che all’ incirca ogni mazzo cerca di evocare speciale più volte al turno. E poi aggiungere alla mano la libellula e aspettare un turno per attivarne l’ effetto da fastidio.
Sulle trappole non ho niente da dire perché ogni uno lo gioca come meglio crede comunque. Come da lista postata mi piace ma senza le tour mi piace di più.

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