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Alexander Reed Dragon Lightsworn Deck List Review 2012 YCS Dallas 2nd Place

Lightpulsar Dragon Yugioh Card GameAs much as I was not a fan of the march 2012 ban list, I’m loving this time of dueling. You see with nothing being done to any of the top decks, this has forced many people to become innovative in their deck build now. We have seen this inovation in past YCS’s and this one was no different.

Congrats to 1st time YCS winner, Alexander Reed, for his dominating a field of over 1,100 people with his innovative and creative deck. He had an epic battle in the finals against the anticipated deck to beat, dino rabbits. Being able to make it to the finals just shows you that Alexander is a very talented and skilled player.

He came up with a deck that used the mighty dragons from the Dragons Collide structure deck and the powerful lightsworn monsters. The combination of these two was a great surprise deck that I’m sure no one was prepared for.

Since his deck was based on the powerful chaos monsters, he needed to make sure he had enough dark and light monsters in his grave. To READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Photon Beat Skill Drain Deck List Review

Photon Sabre Tiger Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game PHSW-EN-SR-1EAll I can say is WOW! As more and more people put on their thinking caps, more and more creative decks come busting out. This week at one of my local spots one of the top 2 decks was a Photon Beat deck.

I was very surprised to see this type of deck in the tops. I mean you really have not heard much about a photon beat deck. Maybe a Hero Beat deck, but photon, NA!

Looking at the deck, I see why it made it to the top 2 decks at the tournament. It firstly has monsters that are able to search eachother out. When Photon Sabre Tiger is normal summoned you can go get another out of your deck to your hand. Ready to summon on your next turn. Then there is Photon Lizard which can tribute itself to special summon one of your big monsters from your deck.

It also played one of the, if not the best, trap card for this format Skill Drain. This card does double duty in this deck. Depending on the opponents deck it can disrupt their plays but also gives the photon player monsters a big attack READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Don’t Let Them Fool You – Summoning Restrictions

Thumbs up down YuGiDojo Video of the WeekHey everyone! This weeks video of the week is a really good one. It will explain one of the most simpiliest this we do in Yu-Gi-Oh, summoning monsters. Did you now there are steps you are suppose to follow when summoning a monster?

This video will show you all the steps and why you can’t summon monsters if certain traps, monsters and spells are on the field. Traps like Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match and monsters like Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo.

It’s a great video that opened my eyes up to why people should not be able to summon. So go check out the video and make sure you don’t let your opponent break the summoning steps and gain some advantage over you!

Locals Report – Order of Chaos Half Box Pack Opening

YuGiOh Cards Half a Box Order of Chaos Packs Hi everyone. This past weekend I played at one of my local spots and won a half box of Order of Chaos. I was playing my version of the Hero Beat with Skill Drain. I have been playing this deck for the past 2 weeks and felt it is a deck that can take down the decks I would be facing.

This was a 16 player tournament. The playing format is 4 rounds of swiss then straight to top 4. There were some good player there, even the reigning North American national champ Hansel Aguero. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Michael Balan 2012 YCS Long Beach Winner Dark World Deck List Review

Grapha, Dragon Lord of DarkWorldAll I can say is WOW! I couldn’t believe it when I heard a dark world deck won. It’s been almost a year since the Gates of the Underworld structure deck came and was suppose to be a deck to watch out for in the Ohio YCS. I’m sure your reaction was just like mine, WTF! I thought this deck was dead. But some how it has risen from the ashes and FINALLY won a YCS!

Congrats to 1st time YCS winner, Michael Balan, for his dominating a field of over 4,300 people with his innovative and creative deck. He had an epic battle in the finals against the anticipated deck to beat, dino rabbits. That just shows you that Michael is a very talented and skilled player.

He came up with a turbo hand coused card drawing power from Reckless Greed and Dragged Down into the Grave while being able to lay down the all powerful Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark.

I have to give Michael credit for coming up with a dark world deck that has similarities to a wind-up READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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