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Joseph Giorlando 2012 YCS Long Beach 4th Place Hero Beat Skill Drain Deck Review

Elemental HERO The Shining YuGiOh CardAy Yeah! I was happy to see that a hero deck running Skill Drain’s topped. You see that’s the type of deck I have been running for the past 2 weeks. I knew this type of deck could hang with the big 3 decks.

Congrats to Joseph Giorlando, for his dominating a field of over 4300 people with his Hero Beat deck. He made it all the way to top 4 but lost to the champ Michael Balan playing dark worlds. You can read coverage of their epic match here (Top 4 Feature Match: Michael Balan vs. Joseph Giorlando).

Joseph’s build had many cards that you wouldn’t think of playing within a Hero Beat build. One of the cards that should have caught people off guard were the main decked Skill Drain’s. Skill Drain is one of those cards that can completely shut down Inzektors, Wind-Ups and sometime dino rabbit. While not hurting the monsters in his deck. It actually helped one of his monsters become a 3000 attacking beast.

Joseph’s deck ran a really low monster count with a heavy trap and spell line up. He ran the 4 core READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Gabriel Perez 2012 YCS Long Beach 3rd Third Place Mystic Piper Deck Review

Mystic Piper Yugioh CardAll I can say is WOW! I could not believe a Mystic Piper deck actually made it all the way to top 4. Top 4! Making it this far with a deck that no one would have even imaged. This is why I’m loving this format. Surprise decks making the tops!

Congrats to Gabriel Perez, for his dominating a field of over 4300 people with his Mystic Piper deck. He made it all the way to top 4 but lost to Simon He playing dino rabbits. Gabriel actually had to play against a dino rabbit deck in the top 8 but it wasn’t in the card for him to go any futher.

Since the release of Mystic Piper many duelist have been abusing the draw power of the card. Being able to get more cards in your hands gives you more options to play against your opponent. Now that’s a good thing!

Gabriel actually made a non traditional version of the deck. He did have most of the standard level 1 monsters, Effect Veiler, Kinka-Byo, and Mystic Piper. But he also played some key tech level 1 cards that helped him caught his opponents off guard. Cards like D.D. Crow, Meklord Emperor Wisel, and Maxx C. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Think The Unimaginable, Do The Unimaginable

FEAR-flickr4376727123_8fc3fb172d_nWhat makes the great players great? I hear this question asked a lot, as if there were a secret response that, once unveiled, would magically transform an average player into an elite one. Of course there is no such thing. The great players have a dozen or more traits that help make them the best at what they do. Furthermore, the elite players are elite in very different ways.

Billy Brake’s skill set varies greatly from that of READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Fiendish Chain Reprint – Gold Series Haunted Mine & Samurai Warlords Structure Deck Coming

Fiendish Chain YuGiOh Cards GameAll I can say is WOW! This summer is going to be a real good summer for Yu-Gi-Oh players in the TCG. Check out what sets are coming to a yu-gi-oh store near you for the summer.

Here is the article from Konami:

Lots of exciting stuff is coming out in the next few months for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME!

In fact, there’s so much coming out that I wanted to run down the list, including a few new things you might not know about yet. Get ready for some surprises!

First off, this month we just released Order of Chaos Special Edition, which comes with 3 packs of ORCS plus either The Winged Dragon of Ra or Effect Veiler. And next week, on March 20, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Premium Collection hits shelves. This mini-tin featuring Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, and Yuma comes with Elemental HERO The Shining and Number 34: Terror-Byte, plus 4 more Secret Rares and 8 Super Rares from a new READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Are You An Undercover Yu-Gi-Oh Player?

Undercover Yu-Gi-Oh PlayerI once wrote an article asking Is YuGiOh Really Just a Childs Card Game? Most of of the replies I got was, NO! Since we know it’s really not a childs card game and most of us are way pass being a child. Why are some of us scared to let others know we play?

Just this past weekend at my locals, one of the guys was playing and got a call. He picked it up and started to talk to the person on the other line. Since he was in the middle of the table, all of us around him could hear what he READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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