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Billy Brake Top 4 YCS Charlotte X-Saber Deck Profile Review March 2011

XX-Saber Emmersblade Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Card GameWith the new ban list hitting a lot of the decks that were old reliables, some decks that have been hibernating finally woke up. One of these decks is the x-saber deck. This deck has been sleeping since it won Lazaro Belido the YCS Toronto 2010 .

X-saber were not hit as hard as say Blackwings or Six Samurai. It did lose 2 book of moon. But that also means every other deck also lost 2 book of moon, which actually helps this deck. Now it no longer has to be as worried about one of their 2 x-sabers being fliped face down and not being able to either special summon the xx saber faultroll or special summon a synchro monster like xx saber hyunlei.

With this knowledge, Billy Brake decided and geared his x-saber deck to a top 4 showing in YCS Charlotte. He decided to go with a some what standard / traditional x-saber build. One which runs 3 xx saber emmersblade, 2 xx saber boggart knight and 2 xx saber faultroll READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Sean Coovert 2011 YCS Charlotte Winner Legendary Six Samurai Deck Review


Gateway of the SixAll I can say is WOW! Even getting hit hard with the recent ban list, this deck still has staying power. As with the last YCS, the winner and still reigning champion of decks is…..Legendary Six Samurai. It was such a dominating deck in this tournament that it took last YCS champion to a top 8 spot too.

Congrats to 1st time YCS winner, Sean Coovert, for his dominating a field of over 1000 people with his six samurai deck. He had an epic battle in the finals against a not so new deck, Fish. Since the release of Storm of Ragnarok’s six samurai’s, Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki, Kagemusha of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, Shien’s Smoke Signal, Musakani Magatama, and Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En, he was able to do what most six samurai players have been doing for the past month…. WIN!

Sean’s deck list has many interactive cards that once played got him many +1′s and sometime +2′s and +3s. Even with putting gateway at 1, this deck still gets so many pluses. He just replaced those 2 gateway spots with more defensive cards to protect the card advantage. You can see why this deck was the top deck. He was READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Dragunitiy Deck Profile Post March 2011 Ban List

Dragunity Phalanx Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Card GameWith Dragunities still so new in Championship-level Dueling, a lot of great Duelists were approaching the deck from different perspectives at the recent YCS. You may have read the focused, control-heavy build played to a Top 16 finish by Frazier Smith. Now, let’s look at a teched out version that was used that does some cool stuff and has some great moves that Smith’s Deck can’t quite replicate.

This deck has easy access to Stardust Dragon, and what is believe to be the sleeper card of the format – Thought Ruler Archfiend – which gets the deck off to a big start. To make sure it gets that big first turn play, it goes a little further by running Dragunity Arma Mystletainn and skipping Pot of Duality (which would interfere with his Special Summons). Mystletainn stands in for Dragunity Dux in an opening hand that includes Dragunity Phalanx: You can Normal Summon Phalanx; send it to the Graveyard to Special Summon Mystletainn; then equip that Phalanx and Special Summon it to make a Level 8 Synchro Summon. It lets you make READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Legendary True Six Samurai Deck Profile Post March 2011 Ban List

Legendary Six Samurai Shi EnNow that the new ban list is in effect many people believe the six samurai deck is not a top teir deck. Because it lost 2 Gateway of the Six the deck is not explosive. Well I’m here to tell you differently.

Yes the deck lost the ability to get the super nuts first turn draw. You know the multiple gate ways with possible multiple Six Samurai United. Then blast the field with multiple 2100 and 2500 attackers with some set back row for protection. I remember that as if it was just a couple of days ago. Wait it was just a couple of days ago.

Well the deck may not get the super nuts draw anymore. But it still has the ability to get the nuts still. You just have to know how to play the deck more effiently. You now have to use those “United” to draw cards and not just a bushudo counter place holder. Also when you do draw READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Playing Yu-Gi-Oh Well is a Process – Train Your Brain

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Official RulebookKnowing how to play Yu-Gi-Oh well doesn’t mean that you will play Yu-Gi-Oh well. Emotions negatively affect many players, conceivably including you. What many fail to realize is that you also must train your mind to play well.

You need to discipline your mind to automatically apply Yu-Gi concepts that are related to the current situation in a game. If you automatically and unthinkingly apply basic concepts, you can use more of your mental energy for strategic issues, such as adjusting to specific players. Your decisions will then become more accurate, which will READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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