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Karakuri OTK Deck Review

Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 Burei Yu-gi-Oh cards gameOne of the most interesting decks I have seen come out of Starstrike Blast is Karakuri OTK. It basically a deck that has the potential to bring out 3 Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” in one turn. It’s a deck that if played right can catch your oppenent off guard and slice them up with their Shogun blade. Let me introduce you to some of the new samari / ninja monsters.

The Karakuri are all EARTH Machine-Type monsters that must attack the opponent each turn if they’re in Attack Position. Also, when they’re in Attack Position and they’re attacked by the opponent, they automatically switch to Defense Position, so you won’t lose any Life Points when your opponent Summons a stronger monster!

Karakuri Bushi mdl 6318 “Muzanichiha” is a Level 4 monster with 1800 ATK, but whenever another Karakuri monster is destroyed he gains another 400 ATK. This ATK gain is permanent, so if 2 Karakuri are destroyed Muzanichiha READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

How To Get The Winged Dragon of Ra, Lightning Warrior & Seven Swords Warrior – Shonen Jump Magazine

The latest issue of the Shonen Jump magazine, January 2011, is bringing these powerfull cards. Come forth another one of the most powerful cards known to the Yu-Gi-Oh world. The Egyptian God Card: The Winged Dragon of Ra.
Go get your subscription to Shonen Jump magazine here.

Lightning Warrior Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Game Shonen JumpLightning Warrior is one of the cards new synchro monsters you can get by subsribing to the Shonen Jump magazine.

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card in your opponent’s hand.

It’s a very interesting monster since it can deal some extra burn damage to your oppenents head. Its a level 7 that does not need any specific monters to synchro summon it. So now we have an additional option at the level 7 synchros. Not just Black Rose Dragon and Scrap Archfiend.

Having an attack of 2400 is READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Frazier Smith 2010 YCS Atlanta Winner Gravekeeper’s Deck Review

Gravekeeper's Recruiter Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Startstrike BlastAs I have been saying in past arcticles, I’m loving this format. There is no supreme deck that has taken over the format. As with past YCS’s there is a new deck winning, Gravekeeper’s. It was such a dominating deck in this tournament that it took not just the top spot but also 2nd and 3rd too.

Congrats to 1st time YCS winner, Frazier Smith, for his dominating a field of over 800 people with his gravekeeper’s deck. He along with his friends, 2nd and 3rd place winners, came a up with a very aniti meta version of gravekeeper’s. With the latest starstrike blast gravekeeper, Gravekeeper’s Recruiter, they were able to do thinks gravekeeper players have been wanting to do for years.

Frazier’s deck list has many interactive cards that once played got him many +1′s and sometime +2′s and +3s. Getting so many pluses and playing many defensive cards to protect the card advantage, you can see why this deck was the top deck. It had READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Hidden Arsenal 3 Is Coming December 2010 – Spoiler List


Hidden Arsenal 3 Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Set PackHidden Arsenal 3 is the latest all-monster, all-foil booster set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Hidden Arsenal 3 includes a mix of monsters that work well in any Deck, plus specialized monsters for the exciting new Deck themes that are now possible!

The Konami TCG experts are unleashing their new Dragunity Monsters for the Dueling public. The team has perfectly blended a mighty monster clan of Celtic Dragons with Winged Beasts from ancient Rome. This combination breeds a fierce new unity of dragons with birds of prey. Duelists looking to pick up more Dragunity monsters can find them in the previously released Starstrike Blast!

Hidden Arsenal 3 unleashes Gungnir Dragon of the Ice Barrier, which is just the tip of an iceberg full of new Ice Barrier monsters. Gungnir is the bigger brother of Hidden Arsenal’s Brionic, bringing 2500 ATK points to the table and destroying READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Top 5 Cards From Starstrike Blast

Starstrike Blast is the latest set, and as with every set there are cards that make a big impact to the game. Here are what I feel are the Top 5 Big Impact cards from Starstrike Blast.

Tuning Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Starstike Blast
Number 5: Tuning
Type: Spell

Add 1 “Synchron” Tuner monster from your Deck to your hand. Then, send the top card of your Deck to the Graveyard.

It’s a Reinforcement of the Army (ROTA) for Synchron monsters. When have you ever heard of a card replacing itself to be a bad card? Not only does it replace itself it also take another card out your deck and puts it in the graveyard. One less card for you to draw from your deck and in the right deck this can be a super bonus.

Tuning is a must have in any quickdraw deck. Get quickdraw and READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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