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YuGiOh Cards Spoiler – Turbo Pack 4 Card List

Tragoedia Yu-Gi-Oh CardIt’s been months in the making, but Turbo Pack 4 is finally here, available first to Duelists participating in the Dragon Duel and Pegasus Challenge here at YCS Mexico City. Turbo Pack 4 reprints a number of popular cards, including a few that were previously unavailable outside of the United States and Canada. Tragoedia appears as the Ultimate Rare, the first time it’s available in Europe and Latin America.

If you’re looking to add more foil cards to your Deck, Turbo Pack 4 delivers several outstanding foil versions of some of the key cards in Blackwing, Plant Synchro, Quickdraw Dandywarrior, X-Saber, Zombie, and Absolute Zero Decks. You can also pick up an easy-to-get READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

YuGiOh Starstrike Blast Sneek Peek Cards – Video

Glow-Up Bulb yugioh card game starstrike blast
Hey everyone! Just this past weekend we went to a Starstike Blast sneek peek / regionals. We will be talk about our regional experience in a later article, we just want to talk about the new cards that we were able to see and get prior to their release on November 16th.

First off we went to an amazing place to play in Selden Long Island called The Brothers Grim Games & Collectibles. We highly recommend going there if you can. It’s a place where you can feel real safe with your stuff. People actually return cards and decks at this place. They do have cameras and can see if someone is stealing. But the staff is really nice and the people playing are a pleasure to be around. We give them 2 thumbs up.

Now to the the actual cards from this set. As with most sets there is a must have card that everyone wants and this set is no diferrent. As of now the highly wanted card is READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile – Gemini Absolute Zero

Elemental Hero Absolute Zero Yu-Gi-Oh Card GameI’m loving this format. Every day I see new decks popping up and winning some type of tournament. It can be a large tournament like a YCS or a regional. Better yet even the small locals too. Since the meta of this format is changing every day, many players can not just focus on how to beat a certain deck. People are making updated version of past great decks. One such deck is Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

The deck can really abuse some of the most powerful cards in the game. Such cards as Elemental Hero Strato, Deep Sea Diva, Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude, Reinforcement of the Army, and Pot Of Duality. Not only are you using these cards for their effects you are also going to be use them for a greater cause. That is summoning one of the best fusion monsters around Elemental Hero Absolute Zero.

Now there are many different builds to this type of deck. You can READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Our Team at 2010 Stratford Regionals

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Trading Card Game LogoStratford Regionals was ridiculous. I never have went to a such a poorly timed tournament. Here is our adventure:

We went to the Stratford regionals in Connecticut and we had a great time. We were just very disappointed as the way they handled the time on the tournamnet. It was suppose to start at 10:00 AM. So we arrived at about 9:30 to make sure we have enough time to fill out papers and possible some trades too. But we didn’t get to start our first match until about 11:30. Now I know there were over 200+ people. But come on!! You need an extra 1 hour and 30 minutes to READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Red Nova Dragon & Shooting Star Dragon – Second Wave of 2010 YuGiOh Cards Tins


Releasing on November 2nd, two new Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) 2010 Collectible Tins feature upgraded versions of already powerful Synchro Monsters, making these tins a coveted item this season. This potent assortment of extraordinary cards, packaged in a uniquely designed tin, makes for an ideal way to store Decks, cards, and anything else for safekeeping. These two new tins complete the five-tin set offered by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (Konami) this year.

Each tin includes a Secret Rare variant card of the monster depicted on the tin, along with four additional Super Rare variant cards, plus five booster packs – one pack of Hidden Arsenal or Stardust Overdrive, one pack each of Absolute Powerforce and Duelist Revolution, and two packs of The Shining Darkness.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards 2010 Shooting Star Dragon Tin The cosmic Shooting Star Dragon Tin illuminates the void of deep space. Yusei’s famous Stardust Dragon gets an upgrade as Shooting Star Dragon. This Level 10 Synchro Monster has 3300 ATK and three key abilities. If you want to, you can even use all three abilities in the same turn! Shooting Star Dragon can stop your opponent’s cards from destroying your monsters, stop your opponent’s attacks, or even attack several times in the same turn (if you have some Tuner monsters hanging out near the top of your Deck)!

In addition to five packs and a Secret Rare version of the Shooting Star Dragon card, this tin includes Stardust Dragon, Elemental Hero Ocean, Dreadscythe Harvester, and Gandora the Dragon of Destruction. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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