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YuGiOh Deck Profile: Gravekeeper Scrap

Yu-Gi-Oh Scrap Dragon Duelist RevolutionI recently read an very interesting article about creating a scrap deck. Funny we actually created a scrap deck a while back, video is below, and did most of the things metioned in this article. So big ups to us with thinking and letting you know this information. I have included the arctile and you can see our version of our Scrap Deck.

The “Scrap” monsters from Duelist Revolution are all about recycling. Many “Scrap” monsters have effects that let you Special Summon from the Graveyard, or get cards back to your hand. They’re really good at Synchro Summoning, and their Level 8 Synchro Monster Scrap Dragon
is so good that Duelists are playing it in all sorts of different Decks – even Decks that don’t play other “Scrap” monsters.

The center of the Scrap strategy is READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

YuGiOh Card News – Duelist Revolution Special Edition Arrives on September 21


Special Edition Launch Features Gold Sarcophagus and Drill Warrior

EL SEGUNDO, CA – (September 8, 2010) – On the heels of the blockbuster hit, Duelist Revolution, comes the next anticipated Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME release from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (Konami). Each box of Duelist Revolution Special Edition includes three packs of Duelist Revolution plus one of two Super Rare variant cards, either Gold Sarcophagus or Drill Warrior! READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

YuGiOh Deck Profile: X-Saber – YCS Toronto 2010 Champion Lazaro Bellido

YuGiOh XX-SaberDarksoul CardIn a new format we never know what is going to come out as the top deck. But this weekends YCS Toronto just let us know what the top players thought would. There were several decks that toped, some old reliable and some new. There were several Gladiator Beast decks, a Gemini City and even a Machina Gadgets. But the reigning champion was X-Sabers.

Even with the banning of Rescue Cat, this deck still remains a force to be reckoned with. The deck still has the explosive power just not as quick as before. With the addition of new cards like Monster Reincarnation, Dark Hole, Pot Of Duality, Effect Veiler, and Solemn Warning it now has more cards to secure the advantage it creates.

Even the build that the current YCS Toronto champion, Lazaro Bellido, used had READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

YuGiOh Deck Profile – Flamvell Monarch

YuGiOh Deck Profile Flamvell Monarch One of the most talked-about Decks of early 2010 was “Flamvell Cat”, a Deck that combined Flamvell Firedog, Flamvell Magician, and Rekindling with Rescue Cat to make fast Synchro Summons. Even with Firedog and the Magician as the only cards it could Special Summon, Rekindling was worth playing; if Firedog destroyed a monster in battle it could Special Summon Magician from the Deck, and both monsters could be Tuned together for a Level 8 Synchro Summon. From there, Rekindling meant at least 1 more Synchro Summon – sometimes more. Just 2 Flamvell monsters were enough to make a big impact.

Duelist Revolution and Hidden Arsenal 2 up the ante, giving us more powerful Flamvell monsters!

Flamvell Archer is a Level 3 Tuner, and since you can Special Summon it with Firedog’s effect, it lets you READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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