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Yugioh Spellbooks (David Keener) vs Dragon Rulers (Patrick Hoban) – NA WCQ 2013 Finals Match Videos

dragon YuGiOh Rulers Win Hey everyone! I just found these videos and needed to share it with you. It’s the full 3 games of the 2013 North American WCQ Finals between Spellbooks (David Keener) vs Dragon Rulers (Patrick Hoban).

This match came down to the 2 current top teir decks battling it out to see who will be called the best deck of the format!!!

Each game came down to the one player having the answer to the others aggression or defense. These are some great games to watch to see how top tier players play top teir decks. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

YuGiOh’s linear vision and why it must change

Aaron YuGiOh Player(This is a guest post by Aaron from YouTube Channel TheShuckleTamer29 )

Most people in the yugioh community are very unaware of the fact that for every generation of the YuGiOh Television Series (not including season 0), the signature monster(s) have been either a warrior or a dragon.

Yugi saga: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

GX saga: The Elemental Hero Group

5D’s saga: The 6 Dragons (Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Black Rose Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon, Power Tool Dragon, Black Winged Dragon)

Zexal saga: Number 39: Utopia

Evilswarm Deck List Review May 2013

Evilswarm Ophion Yugioh Card GameWith the release of Hidden Arsenal 7, we finally get the much anticipated evilswarms. These group of monsters were suppose to be the answer to the much dreaded Mermail deck. Unfortunately it was not able to do just that. But it did try and made top 32 in YCS New Jersey by two duelists, George Weber and Jonel Dao.

I am really surprised it did so well being that each deck was missing one key card, Evilswarm Kerykeion. This was due to the card not being legal at the time. But the deck sure did show us what it can do and what to be on the look out for.

Leave a comment below on how you feel about Evilswarms now that Evilswarm Kerykeion is legal.

George Weber was nice enough to go into details of his top 32 winning deck. He explains why he chose certain cards and what he would remove now that Evilswarm Kerykeion is legal. So let’s see what George has to say…. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Prophecy Deck List Review Kento Toshikawa YCS San Diego 2013

High Priestess of Prophecy YuGiOh Card GameSo we final see a Prophecy deck make the top 32 of a YCS. I find it funny that it is by an OCG player who traveled here from Osaka. I guess he wanted to try out his OCG tech here in the TCG. It seemed to have worked.

Congrats to Kento, who traveled all the way from Osaka, for making the Top 32 of the YCS main event with Prophecy, pulling out moves and combos we’ve never seen in a YCS Feature Match before. There’s alot of hype surrounding the new Prophecy cards in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, but even without the new stuff, Prophecy are still hugely competitive.

We’ve seen Prophecy Decks before, but Toshikawa made some creative choices here that are really uncommon. The last time we saw a YCS competitor make the Top 32 with Prophecy, it was Emiliano Passoni at YCS Santiago. This was Passoni’s monster lineup: READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Fire Fist Rabbit Deck List Review Mike Steinman 2013 YCS San Diego 2nd Place

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Bear YuGioh Card GameSo the winning deck for the second YCS of this season is Mono Mermail (AGAIN!!). It went up against the second best deck in the format, Fire Fist. It was piloted by none other than Mike Steinman from ARG.

Congrats to 2nd place YCS winner, Mike Steinman , for his dominating a field with his Battle Pack draft deck then with his agressive and dominating Fire Fist deck. He had an epic battle in the finals against Mermails. Being able to make it to the finals in a format that had so many Mermail, Fire Fist and Rogue decks in the top 32 shows that Mike is a very talented and skilled player.

Mike gives a brief description on why he ran certain cards in his deck.

The deck itself is pretty self-explanatory. The key to beating the top decks is to run big monsters that apply READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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