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Leave Your Ego At The Door

Doors Flickr - brad montgomery Have you noticed, by watching YuGiOh duels on YouTube, playing in your locals or even playing online, the number of YuGiOh players who have seemingly huge egos? You know the type that are bragging about their playing skills, berating the play of others, and thinking they are just better than anyone else.

If you are serious about winning games, you should leave your ego at the door when playing YuGiOh.

The main problem with bringing your ego to the dueling table is that it may influence your decision READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

3 Realities Of YuGiOh

3_flickr_2360600227_c419c5866c_zHave you ever been in a match and everything seems to be going the way you planned it? Then out of no where in a matter of one turn things are not going the way you had planned. All of a sudden you are the one looking for a way to come back. Has your YuGiOh mindset just changed?

The YuGiOh Mindset is a set of attitudes that every YuGiOh player should try to master, regardless of their level of playing, limits, or technical skill. There are realities to be aware of and attitudes to adopt to succeed at YuGiOh over time.

Just like technical skills, the YuGiOh Mindset will help you make better decisions at the table. In fact, in some situations it could be argued that defects in your YuGiOh mindset could lose you more games than defects in your technical game.

Understand and Accept the Realities of YuGiOh

Many players fail to achieve success in YugiOh because they READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Tyler Tabman Wind Up Deck List Review Winner 2012 WCQ Nationals

Wind Up Rabbit YuGiOh Card GameWind-up’s Win! Wind-up’s Win! The Wind-up deck wins the North American Nationals! All I can say is WOW! I’m sure many of you thought this deck was dead. And that is the reason why it won!

Congrats to 1st time WCQ winner, Tyler Tabman, for his dominating a field of over 1,700 people with his surprising and dominating deck. He had an epic battle in the finals against the mirror. He’s no stranger to high level competition, he has topped the last 2 YCS. And now being able to make it to the finals and winning just shows you that Tyler is a very talented and skilled player. Good Luck in Japan!!!

He came up with a deck that we all put in the attic. It use to be one of the top 3 decks we all made sure they we where prepared for. We had main deck and side deck cards just for this deck. That deck is none other than Wind-Up’s.

This was a good meta call on his part. Wind-Up’s have not been part of the meta for so long that people even took out their side deck cards for it. We all know what the number 1 card to fight READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Practice? What Are You Talking About?

Practice and You Will WinHave you ever looked in the mirror and said, “You can be a much better YuGiOh player?” I know I have several times. I often wonder how the better players get better. The answer came to me when I interviewed Alistar Albans in YCS Philly. He basically said, “Practice!”

When he said that I remembered one of my favorite basketball quotes from former NBA star “Easy Ed” Macauley:

“When you are not practicing, remember — someone, somewhere is practicing, and READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Top 5 Hated Cards In The Current Format

Hate Have you ever been in a match that you put your opponent in a situation that they will lose on your next turn? They may have some cards in their hand but don’t have any type of board presence. You are feeling real good. Then they draw their card and BAM!!!! You are all of a sudden running for your life.

I’m sure you are like me, I hate it when that happens. You played the match perfectly then all of a sudden you are the one that is losing. That shouldn’t happen!!! But I seen it and experienced it several times personally. I’m sure you have too. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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