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Top 10 Battle Pack Epic Dawn Reprinted Cards

Battle Pack Epic Dawn YuGiOh Card GameSo the battle packs are finally here. Have you been tearing and ripping those packs open, hoping to pull the cards you have been waiting for?

I know we were excited when we opened some battle packs at YCS Philly, which happened to be the world premier of these packs. You can see what we pulled here:

YuGiOh Battle Pack Epic Dawn Opening YCS Philly 2012

Another YuGiOh Battle Pack Epic Dawn Opening YCS Philly 2012 Tour Guide

While opening packs, keep in mind that there are a ton of good cards that were reprinted. Some cards that are banned and can only be played in a battle pack READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Feng Chen Chaos Dragon Lightsworn Deck List Review Winner 2012 YCS Philidelphia

Lightpulsar Dragon Yugioh Card GameWell Hello! We have just witnessed the fall of a champion in the top 4 and the rise of a new champion. That champion deck is Chaos Dragon. It defeated both dino rabbit decks in the top 4 and duked it out in the finals.

Congrats to 1st time YCS winner, Feng Chen, for his dominating a field of over 1,400 people with his agressive and dominating deck. He had an epic battle in the finals against the mirror. Being able to make it to the finals in his first YCS just shows you that Feng is a very talented and skilled player.

He came up with a deck that used the mighty dragons from the Dragons Collide structure deck and the powerful lightsworn monsters. The deck was on peoples radars coming into the event but the combination of these two types is just to overpowering. People even main deck hate cards against it, but that did not stop Feng from overcomig them. His deck has so many boss monsters.

Since his deck was based on the powerful chaos monsters, he needed to make sure he had READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Confirmed Rulings You Need To Know

Thumbs up down YuGiDojo Video of the WeekHey everyone! This weeks video of the week is a really good one. It will explain key plays you can do and look out for when you are playing or playing against Inzektors. It will also tell you rules on key cards like Effect Veiler, Gemini Spark, Forbidden Lance and some other cards. Did you now you can activate Effect Veiler on Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and it will still keep its attack boost?

If you are playing in any tournament, this video will show you different plays you can do to take full advantage of your cards. If you are not playing any of these cards in your deck, this will help you be aware of plays your opponent may be trying to do.

So go check out the video and make sure you know the current rulings on these cards

Rulings to know for YCS Philadelphia
From: Sinisterplantboy

My Bonus Tip
Remember if you are playing with Super Polymerization, you can use a set monster on your side of the field. If you have a elemental hero monster in hand and are affraid of it’s normal summon getting negated by cards like, Solemn Warning or Evolzar Laggia, you can set it face down on your side of the field and use it as material to activate Super Polymerization.

I know looking at this has made me look at things a bit different and will help me from here on out. Did this video help you?

What do you think of today’s video? Leave your thought below


Aaron Noel Dino Rabbit Deck List Review 2012 YCS Chicago Winner

Rescue Rabbit YuGiOh Card Game Photon ShockwaveWow! The king deck of the meta has won it again. What is even more surprising is that it did it with no priority. So I guess we can all hale to the king!!!

Congrats to the recent YCS winner, Aaron Noel, for his dominating a field of over 1,100 people and taking the prized first place with his main and side deck tech choices. I was surprised he played this deck with getting short notice, 3 day before the event, about priortity no longer in the TCG. But that just shows you how skilled of a player he is along side an amazing deck.

Instead of me explaining things about his deck, I will let him explain everything himself. This is from an article I read on

Hello everyone, my name is Aaron Noel, and I’m grateful to be sharing with you my experience at the latest YCS tournament in Chicago last weekend. The last event that I attended was YCS Toronto, where I placed a disappointing 33rd after the Swiss rounds. Determined to top my next event, I had taken an older approach to getting ready for YCS Chicago. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Top 5 YuGiOh Cards From Galactic Overlord

Galactic Overlord is the latest set, and as with every set there are cards that make a big impact to the game. I know there are specific cards that are amazing for specific decks, like for Evol decks. That’s not what this list is about. This list is to show cards that can be used by everyone not type or deck specific. So here are what I feel are the Top 5 Big Impact cards from Galactic Overlord.

NUMBER 5: Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Of Heliopolis

Now try saying that 5 times with out getting messed up.

Type: XYZ Monster Property: Light Dragon/Xyz/Effect Rank: 8

2 level 8 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Tribute any number of monsters from your hand and / or your side of the field, then destroy an equal number of cards on the field.

With 3000 ATK it’s a huge monster that will be hard to handle, but it also has a nice destruction effect. If you have monsters in your hand, a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness token, or used Flip Effect monsters, you can use Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Of Heliopolis to turn them into kill cards! Also be on the look out for this from the new Hieratic decks that will be played. Lots of “Hieratic” monsters have effects that trigger when they’re Tributed, too, so Tributing them for Heliopolis’ ability will set off even more combos. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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