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September 2011 YuGiOh Cards OCG Ban List Review

All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! Konami just went nuts on this ban list. Granted this is just the OCG (asian) banlist, but 9 out of 10 times we here in the TCG get the same list. So here we go with a new and interesting format coming soon, September 1, 2011.

Looking over this new list there are some of you who will be saying “YA!” “OH!” and “WHAT??? Was Konami smoking some stuff when they made this list?” I for one said every single one of these and some others that I can’t put down. But over all I am very pleased to with the list and I’m sure you will be too. So let’s get to the list.

Starting off are the cards we no longer can play with. There are 4 cards on this list and 1 of them took me off guard. The first one on this list is Fishborg Blaster. I was happy to see this card gone. No more being able to make multiple Formula Synchrons. Rest in peace at the bottom of the ocean never to return by discarding a card.

The second card is Mind Master. They did this card since there was a OTK deck that just went nuts using this card. You basically lose when your opponent said I’ll go first or took their 1st turn. So glad to see this deck not coming out of the starting gates. Good move Konami.

The third card is Giant Trunade. Many of you guys were complainting about this card and I guess Konami heard you. I was not one of those people yelling out to ban this card. I actually liked this card. Even when it was played on me since I had the same chance to use it too. But most of all I could use it and not worry about loosing my spell and traps that were on the field. I would just set them again. Sorry to see you go. Hope you come back soon.

The last card is the big shocker to me, Royal Oppression. This is when I said, “What was Konami smoking?” With all the special summoning, scnychro summoning and now Xyz summoning. What are we suppose to do to stop the insanity? I know we have the Solemn Warnings. I’m sure this will raise the price of Steelswarm Roach and Thunder King Rai-Oh.

Limited List.
The cards we can only run 1 copy of in our decks. There are 10 cards on this list. Some that even have come out of retirement just because they needed to see how the game is today. One such card is Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning. Welcome back king of the choas deck. I guess that’s why they printed him in Gold Series 4. They also brought back Primal Seed that works well with this card too.

Plants or deck that run the plant engine are really out of luck. Debris Dragon, Lonefire Blossom and Pot of Avarice are on this list. Can you say no more plant engine….

You thought Six Samurais got hit last ban list. Wait till you get a load of what else is going to happen to this explosive deck. They can only play with 1 Legendary Six Samurai Shien and Smoke Signal. Now that will make you samuri plays think before you just summon Legendary Six Samurai Shien to field. I really disliked the samuari deck and am very glad to see these changes to the deck. No offence to you samurai player :)

Now for the card drawing engine that has hauted us all. We no longer need to worry about multiple T.G. Hyper Librarian and Formula Synchron. They are down to only playing 1. Thank you Konami for doing this. No more + infinity cards for you guys.

Semi Limited, cards you can play 2 of in your deck.
Get ready to start using 2 copies of cards you were only able to use 1 before. One of these will allow you to use your graveyard more because we can now play with 2 Call of the Haunted. So you want to Solemn Warning my monster, guess what! I’m bringing him back!

The other cards are Mind Crush, Summoner Monk, Swords of Revealing Light, Destiny Draw, Tagodia, and Necro Guardia. Welcome back all you extra copies.

Unlimited List, these are the card we can run 3 of in our decks
There is a big, I mean real big surprise on this list. That surprise is being able to play with 3 copies of Judgement Dragon. Why? Why? Why? Konami. Are you trying to revive the dead lightsworns or bring out the latest edition of Twilight? Not nice! Not Nice at all. Especially with getting rid of Royal Oppression.

We can now play with 3 copies of Spirit Reaper, Mystical Space Typhoon, Icarus Attack, Gravity Bind, Overload Fussion, and Megamorph.

As you can see Gravekeeper’s didn’t get hit. I think that is due to the OCG not having the TCG exclusive Gravekeeper’s Recruiter. reborn tengu didn’t see anything to it too. But again I believe that is due to it being a TCG exclusive too.

The only thing I think that is going to be differnt on the TCG list is adding Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier to the limited list.

What do you guys think of the ban list and what changes do you hope they do to the TCG list? Let us know below:

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