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Turbo Pack 6 Complete Card Set List

Dark Armed Dragon YuGiOh Card GameIt’s been months in the making, but Turbo Pack 6 is finally here, available first to Duelists participating in the 2011 Gen Con at Indianapolias. Turbo Pack 6 reprints a number of popular cards, including a few that were previously in older sets thus hard to find. Dark Armed Dragon appears as the Ultimate Rare, a version like this has not been seen since it was the secret rare in Phantom Darkness.

If you’re looking to add more foil cards to your Deck, Turbo Pack 6 delivers several outstanding foil versions of some cards that have never been foiled. You will now be able to get a foil Fishborg Blaster for your fish or Monach deck or a Chain Disappearance for your side deck.

You will also get some rare version of staple synchro type monsters like Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend. Along with the hard to find Armory Arm.

Over all I don’t think it’s a bad set. Some people may complaint about why this card and why not not that card. But remember, Konami can’t please everyone and will never be able to. But for the person that needs to get a Stardust Dragon or some commons that have not been out in years, this is a set to get.

Here is the complete list:

Ultimate Rare:
Dark Armed Dragon

Ultra Rare:

Super Rare:
Masked Dragon
Quickdraw Synchron
Fishborg Blaster
Chain Disappearance

Alector Sovereign of Birds
Red Dragon Archfiend
Stardust Dragon
Zombie Master
Armory Arm
Black Garden

Bountiful Artemis
Golem Dragon
Kinetic Soldier
Transforming Sphere
Creature Swap
Fusion Gate
Gemini Spark
Magical Dimension

Check out what some people have pulled

What do you think of the set? Let us know below…


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