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What Is Your YuGiOh Path of Commitment?

Flickr_Commitment-5226868443_36c32a2fa1_zWhat is your YuGiOh Path of Commitment? Life, particularly a life having a Yu-Gi-Oh subculture, offers a huge range of challenges on many different levels. In order to survive in the Yu Gi Oh world, your spirit needs to be very strong to maintain the commitment to excellence that playing the game on a winning level requires.

Most people with ideas and a vision pursue them with great force and vigor. Then somewhere along the road, they give up, becoming battered and weary, having wasted all the time and energy that they had put into the project in the first place. They lose their sense of commitment. It can be a terrible waste of a piece of a person’s life. I’ve seen it happen to many people, including myself.

Sure, giving up can be the correct thing to do in some cases. You need to be flexible and adapt to changes in certain circumstances, and not be too hard in your approach to decisions, to be able to admit your failures and shortcomings and move on to a better vision in life. However, many people abandon their journeys with success just around the corner.

Commitment means devoting yourself to a goal and pursuing the course with vigor – making a decision, choosing a path, and sticking to the course through all the hardships. In many things in life, good enough is good enough. Good enough in the YuGiOh world may keep you off the bubble, but don’t plan on winning many tournaments from there. If you want to just have fun playing YuGiOh and are playing at a level where your ability and finances can’t get you into too much trouble, enjoy yourself and have a good time.

If you are looking to play YuGiOh competitvely you need to make a commitment to yourself to play YuGiOh at a level of ability that will not put financial, interpersonal relationship, or emotional pressures on your life. If you are unwilling to put the time and energy into following through on a commitment to excellence in your YuGiOh game, you should probably find another hobby.

And this commitment to excellence must be maintained. I’ve seen many player at my locals rise to excellence and then, impressed with their own success, begin to slack off. They get complacent and sloppy and lower their level of commitment to the game. They become cocky and arrogant within themselves, thinking that their previous success will automatically translate to current and future success. They put their ego into the equation and they should have just left their ego at the front door.

Past performances do not make the tough laydowns for you. Players and the meta change, and the focus and flexibility that were once in your game to enable you to adapt to those changes are no longer there. Some players stumble along for a long time without any awareness of this issue, talking about how their luck has left them, or the meta is too broken. They don’t realize that their trail is rocky because they have abandoned the path of their commitment. Players with “B” natural skills often outperform players with “A” natural skills through force of effort and consistency, because many players with great YuGiOh skills lack the emotional strength to handle the swings of the game.

Most players aren’t good enough, and those who are good enough tend to settle for enough to get by. To be a winner over time, you must follow the road of commitment and stay on it, no matter what storms, ravines, or boulders may block your path. Inspire yourself to make a commitment to yourself to be the best that you can be at all times.

Study the game, practice, put your heart into it, get your ego involved, and make your best effort when you are at the table. Grow as a player slowly and surely. Learn something new and improve your game a little bit every day. Don’t be in too much of a hurry, just slowly and steadily move up the ranks. Most importantly, enjoy the ride!
image from flickr: hectorir

I’m interested to know what is your YuGiOh path of commitment. Leave it down below. Keep Playing Good YuGi’s!!


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