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What Would You Do For A YuGiOh Card?

Have you ever wanted a card so bad you would do just about anything for it? I mean, you would do things that if you were in your right mind set you would never do. Well I just couldn’t believe what happened at my recent locals.

After the tournament was over, one guy wanted a certain card from someone so much that he jokingly said, “I’ll play you in basketball for it.” To his surprise the person said, “OK. I’ll play you for it!”

I didn’t really think they were serious. Why would anyone really play another game to get some YuGiOh card? Was the card really that valuable that you would challenge them to a different game entirely. Guess what, they actually played.

Here are the 2 videos showing them play for YuGiOh Cards..



This was really a funny game to watch. But it did get to thinking about the things we would do to get the things we really want.

What have you or would you do for a YuGiOh card? Let us know below..

2 Responses to “What Would You Do For A YuGiOh Card?”


were do u guys live and what locals do u go to?


We line in NY and play in a comic shop called Squiggies Dug out in New rochelle. If you are near by, pass by.


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