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Why You Need To Bluff In YuGiOh Card Game

Do you know what one of the most important aspects of Yu-Gi-Oh stratrgy is? BLUFFING!!! Most people have a general understanding of what a bluff is, but do you know why you should bluff?

Everyone knows what a bluff is. Making your opponent think you have cards to foil their way of winning when you do not. Not everyone knows why it is important to bluff.

You have to bluff to keep yourself balanced. If you are always setting cards when you have a good hand, it becomes very obvious to your opponent. If you are not bluffing you are hardly ever going to win. And I’m sure you would rather win than lose.

It’s important to show up with a bluff sometimes. You show up with one bluff and your going to keep your opponent on the edge of his seat. Meaning he will not know if you do or you don’t have something to stop him. More than likely you will have something to stop them but they don’t need to know that. It’s good to bluff, just make sure you don’t over do it.

Remember bluffing keeps you balanced. Meaning there are going to be certain spots where you will have a great hand that can handle anything or you will have a not so great hand and you will need to bluff. You are not always going to have great hands and you need to know how to handle those hands with a bluff.

If you play your great hand aggressively and your bluff hand just as aggressively it’s a lot more difficult to play against you. This is a way to make it tougher for your opponent to read you. Keep you balanced and keeping your opponent unbalanced.

Knowing when to bluff is just as important than just bluffing. You have to figure out if your opponent is strong or weak. This way you can make a good judgement call on whether they will fall for your bluff. You also need to know when they are strong or weak and take advantage of them when they are weak.

Remember you have to pick your spots to bluff. You can start of with a bluff by just setting all your spell cards. Making your opponent think you have a bunch of trap cards. Or set a monster, keeping your hand on it, then take it back. Making your opponent think you have a monster that can do something but just don’t want to play it yet.

I once bluffed my way to a win. I was down to 2000 life points with no cards on the field. My opponent had 1 monster on the field that had an attack of 2100. One more attack from him and it would be game over for me. I drew my card and set it. It was a MST. Nothing that would be able to help me. I passed my turn.

I figured it was game over for me. But to my surprise, they didn’t attack. They set a card in the back row and said done. I drew my next card, set it in my back row (book of moon) and passed my turn. They didn’t attack again. I eventually got a monster and used my 2 spells to get rid of his back row and monster and won the game.

Here is a video from Underworld6667 about different ways you can bluff your opponent.

Have you ever bluffed your way to a win? Leave your story below


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