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How To Get The Winged Dragon of Ra, Lightning Warrior & Seven Swords Warrior – Shonen Jump Magazine

The latest issue of the Shonen Jump magazine, January 2011, is bringing these powerfull cards. Come forth another one of the most powerful cards known to the Yu-Gi-Oh world. The Egyptian God Card: The Winged Dragon of Ra.
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Lightning Warrior Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Game Shonen JumpLightning Warrior is one of the cards new synchro monsters you can get by subsribing to the Shonen Jump magazine.

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card in your opponent’s hand.

It’s a very interesting monster since it can deal some extra burn damage to your oppenents head. Its a level 7 that does not need any specific monters to synchro summon it. So now we have an additional option at the level 7 synchros. Not just Black Rose Dragon and Scrap Archfiend.

Having an attack of 2400 is OK. But being a light monster gives you the access to one of the most powerful surprise card…. Honest. Now your warrior is guaranteed to survive any battle it encounters. Plus some extra damage depending on how many cards are in their hand.

Seven Sword WarriorSeven Swords Warrior is the other new synchro monster card you can get by subsribing to the Shonen Jump magazine.

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn, when an Equip Card is equipped to this card , inflict 800 damage to your opponent. Once per turn, you can send 1 Equip Card equipped to this card to the Graveyard. When an Equip Card equipped to this card is sent to the Graveyard, you can select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls, and destroy it.

This card is alright. I don’t see this card being played that much. It’s a level seven with a 2300 attack. Not very impressive. Since not many people are playing equipt card I don’t see the benefit of his effect.

This card seems to be geared towards a warrior based deck that can use equipt cards to boost their attack or defence. Similar to a morphtronic style deck that wants to equipt it’s Power Tool Dragon. Other than that, I don’t see this going into many competive level extra decks.

The Winged Dragon of Ra Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Shonen Jump The Winged Dragon of Ra is the card you get when you purchase the recent issue, January 2011, of Shonen Jump magazine.

This card cannot be Special Summoned. You must Tribute 3 monsters to Normal Summon this card (you cannot Set this card). The Normal Summon of this card cannot be negated. When this card is Normal Summoned, Spells, Traps and other monsters’ effects cannot be activated. When this card is Normal Summoned, you can pay Life Points so that you only have 100 left, to have this card gain ATK and DEF equal to the amount of Life Points paid. You can pay 1000 Life Points to select and destroy 1 monster on the field.

We finally get a playable version of one of the most powerful cards know to Yu-Gi-Oh. This card has been in exsitence for many years but never tournament legal due to it’s extreme game changing power.

I’m not sure we will see this card getting played much. Tributing 3 monsters is a bit much and and getting 3 monster you can tribute is just as hard to get too. By the time you can play this card you may not have that much life to use to make this god card very powerful.

I can see this card being used in a a deck that was using Obelisk the Tormentor or maybe a gravekeeper deck, Marik did use gravekeepers in the anime. With gravekeepers you can use spy to get another gravekeep and then you can use your next summon to put a 3rd creature on the field. Hopefully none of them die until your next turn to bring this guy out.

In order to get your hands on these cards, go get a subscription to Shonen Jump magazine. By clicking on the link you will get a huge discount on your subscription, 55% of the actual cover price. You’ll get these cards and they usually send other cards with each issue. Last card they gave out was Dark End Dragon.

What card would you like to see come from the next Jump Magazine?

7 Responses to “How To Get The Winged Dragon of Ra, Lightning Warrior & Seven Swords Warrior – Shonen Jump Magazine”


The seven swords warrior would be a good card in a morphtronic deck based around power tool dragon. If the deck already has a power tool , then it can get a seen swords warrior and each turn add a equip spell to your hand and equip it to him to destroy a monster and give 600 damage


my bad 800 damage


I just have a feeling that the Seven Swrods Warrior will be made with some type of an OTK deck.


You may be onto something.


It’ll probably work well with Machina Gadgets since they’re all Union monsters. The Seven Swords Warrior may even bring the VWXYZ’s back too.


Blcak Pendant will work well too because it’s own ability tied in with Seven Sword Warrior’s ability will give the opponent 1300 damage a turn as well.


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