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XX-Saber Emmersblade or Naturia Pineapple – Hidden Arsenal Special Edition Promotional Cards

All I can say is FINALLY! and WOW! Konami just let us know what we can get as the promo cards from the Hidden Arsenal Special Edition. We will finally be able to get a copy of either XX Saber Emmersblade or Naturia Pineapple in each pack once the set hits your local store in July.

In addition of getting 1 of these two cards you will get 1 pack from each of the first three Hidden Arsenal sets. So you get another chance of getting Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Ally of Justice Catastor, Mist Wurm or naturia beast. Two of these are staples in most extra decks.

The Fruit… It is Delicious
Naturia Pineapple was a Secret Rare card from Duelist Revolution. This card works well in a Naturia Deck, since so many Naturia monsters only work with other Naturia monsters. But where Naturia Pineapple really shines is in a general Plant Deck, or a Plant/Beast hybrid Deck.

Naturia Pineapple changes everything you control into a Plant. This gives you flexibility with your cards and effects that only work on Plants. You can put non-Plant monsters in your Deck, and still combo them with your effects since they’ll be Plants while on the field. You can also take control of your opponent’s monsters and convert them into Plants!

But the best thing about Naturia Pineapple is its incredible durability. Just like the popular Treeborn Frog, Pineapple can Special Summon itself back from the Graveyard as long as you control no Spells or Traps. Naturia Pineapple makes a great source of infinite material for things like Synchro Summoning. You can also keep Tributing it for your high-Level Tribute Summons. And you can continually Tribute it to negate cards and effects in combination with Tytannial Princess of Camellias (from Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition). Or you can just keep bringing it back again and again to protect your Life Points!

XX-Saber Emmersblade Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Card GameRelease the Swarm!
xx saber emmersblade is the #1 key card that makes the X-Sabers deck such a dominant force. Since it is a Secret Rare from Absolute Powerforce, you can hardly get your hands on them but have been in very high demand. So to help out with the xx saber emmersblade shortage, they are making a reprinted version in Hidden Arsenal Special Edition!

When xx saber emmersblade is destroyed by battle, you can Special Summon any Level 4 or lower “X-Saber” monster from your Deck. And with so many incredible X-Sabers to choose from, you can guide your strategy in the perfect direction! You can Summon your incredible Tuners like X-Saber Airbellum or XX-Saber Fulhelmknight. Or grab your amazing utility monsters to set up your combo plays, like XX-Saber Darksoul or XX-Saber Ragigura. (Don’t forget that all “XX-Saber” monsters are also “X-Saber” monsters, so you can get either kind!)

Information from Hidden Arsenal Special Edition Details Announced!!

I really don’t care to much about pineapple being reprinted. I already have a copy of it and never found a home for it in any of my decks, not even in Little Man’s Naturia deck. What I am glad about is that they finally made a reprint of emmersblade. I’ve been wanting to play this deck but never had the luck of pulling 3 of them out of packs. Know I don’t have to. I’m sure there are going to be more x-saber decks running around once this is released. So be ready to be playing against it soon.

Go preorder your Hidden Arsenal Special Edition now!

How do you feel about these 2 new promo cards? Leave your comments below.

4 Responses to “XX-Saber Emmersblade or Naturia Pineapple – Hidden Arsenal Special Edition Promotional Cards”


I personally won’t be getting any of these as I already have my emmersblades and I could care less about the pineapple, I think fabled raven would have been better. However, I’m glad they’re finally reprinting emmersblade as everyone will have a chance to build a competitive saber deck. I’ve actually never had a mirror match of sabers because nobody bothered to build them, and it was all because of the scarcity of emmersblade.


Nice. You are one of the lucky ones that have 3 emmersblades. But as you said now you may see more mirror matches. So get yourself prepared for when that day comes.

Did you happen to pull your emmersblades from the pack?


No, my mom bought them for my birthday a few months ago. I’m almost afraid to tell her that their getting reprinted and the price will drop, lol!

Even so, I will always treasure them because they were a gift.


Yeah, I wouldn’t tell here. But at least you have been able to play the deck for almost 5 months now. While everyone is playing the deck without them or not playing the deck at all.

Since yours are secret rares they will still hold some more value. Look at what happen to thunder king when it came out in gold series 3. People still are looking for them and they still cost pretty high.


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