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Yu-Gi-Oh March 2011 OCG Ban List Review

Cold Wave Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Card Game Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na!Na! Hey Hey-ey, goodbye! Say farewell to one of most recent hated cards around, cold wave! Now all of us do not have to worry about not being able to stop those OTK decks. Finally we just might have a chance to play.

So the recent OCG ban list came out. As in past ban lists, there are some WTF cards and some “finally I don’t have to deal with that card”. Also with past OCG ban lists most of the cards on the list will be the same for us here.

Some of the card choices are obvious and some came out of left field. I’m actually OK with the current ban list. I may be saying that since my deck didn’t get hit hard. But I feel most of the cards on the list needed something to be done to them. How many times have we lost to blackwings because they drop multiple Kalut? Or lost to not being able to use any of your back row cards for 2 turns? Or the most recent, without even drawing your first card, you have to deal with a field full of 2100 + attacking monsters?

Here you have it. The march 1, 2011 ban list
Cold Wave
Goyo Guardian
Mass Driver

Cold Wave - A much needed banning. We can finally be able to use / set our back row to defend ourselves. This really hurts those OTK decks. Now they only have Giant Trunade. Bye cold wave. We’ll miss you…..NOT!

Goyo Guardian - WTF! Where did this come from? I think it is due to it being a level 6 2800 attacking beast that can take down most level 8 and 9 monsters. Then also allow you to take control of it too. RIP. You will be missed.

Mass Driver - I guess let’s make sure no one will think about ever making an OTK or FTK deck using this card. See Ya!

Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow
Book of Moon
Gateway of the Six

Honest – Not sure where this came from. I just think they are trying to remove the “discard from hand” mechanic. Maybe it also has to do with the recent fairy deck. Who knows. But at least we no longer have to worry as much about this card.

Dandylion – I really do think this needed to be done. I really disliked playing against decks that played this card for the sheer power it has. Being able to bring out 2 monster tokens that can be used for what ever, is just amazing. See you in my trade binder….

Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow - This I didn’t see coming. But am really glad it did. We can not have to worry about getting hit over the head with 1400 + extra attack. I also think, like honest, they are trying to remove the “discard from hand” mechanic.

Book of Moon – WOW. WTF! Why? This is one of those cards that is a -1 but can save or win you games. I guess they realized that and want to see how the environment will become when not everyone is main decking 2 -3 of them.

Gateway of the Six – All I can say is YES!!!!! This card is the reason why six samurai is so explosive. This will really slow down the deck. We finally have a chance to beat six samurai.

Card Trooper
Archlord Krystia
Spirit Reaper
Debris Dragon
Royal Tribute
Overload Fusion
Solemn Warning
Icarus Attack

Card Trooper – I have nothing to say about this being at 2.

Archlord Krystia – I rarely see this card being played. So limiting it to 2 doesn’t do anything for us. Herald hasn’t seen much play recently.

Spirit Reaper – I don’t see this doing much. But at least we can now have 2 walls.

Debris Dragon – I guess they want to make sure plants go off with an instant black rose dragon. I like this change.

Royal Tribute - So now gravekeeper’s only have 2 ways to get your monsters out your hand. With all the draw power from pot of duality and commadant, I don’t see this that much of a hit.

Overload Fusion – What ever….

Megamorph – Same as Overload Fusion.

Solemn Warning – This is OK. We only statred to main 3 because of Six Samurai. Now that it got hit, do we really need to play more than 2?

Icarus Attack – Blackwings secret weapon is no down to 2. Good! I think this needed to be done too. I also think they did this because of dragunity. They are winged-beast monsters too.

Chaos Sorcerer
Snipe Hunter
Demise King of Armageddon
Gold Sarcophagus
Skill Drain
Ultimate Offering

I’m glad we get to play more copies of the “no longer restricted” list. I don’t think any of them are going to make that much of impact to the game. That’s why I’m not going to make any comments on any of them.

What do you think of the OCG ban list? What changes would you like to see made to the TCG ban list? Leave your comments below.

4 Responses to “Yu-Gi-Oh March 2011 OCG Ban List Review”


i believe that gate way should have went to 2 konami is fd up b/c Asia got to abuse them we cant even enjoy them only one month of fun with the deck


List is ok. Guess Enemy Controller will be the new Book of Moon.


At least you got to play it for that time. Also good thing you didn’t spend all that money to make the deck. Be happy you have been winning locals with it.


I’m hearing people say the same thing. I think many people are going to play Royal Decree more. The reason why people went away from royal decree was because of book of moon being able to under its effect. What do you think?


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