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YuGiOh Cards Sneak Peek Cosmo Blazer Experience

YuGiOh Cards Game cosmo blazer play matHave you ever been to a sneak peek? If you answered no, then you sure are missing out on a great day of YuGiOhing and you should try to get to the next one that comes around. Trust me it is worth it! Go! Go! Go!

If you said yes, then you know how much fun they are. Not only do you get your hands on some of the cards in the new set a week earlier, but you get the rush of opening new packs. Not just any new packs but unorganized packs. Meaning you could possible open up your packs and pull a whole lot of holo cards.

This event is the one of the only times when you are excited to see other people open packs. This is because you get to see other cards you did not get in your packs. And you want to see if they pulled any of the cards you want and see if they would be willing to trade it to you. Believe me there is a lot of trading going on throughout the day of a sneak peek.

Little man traded some Cardfight Vanguard cards for a Mermail Abyssteus. He also traded a secret E – Emergency Call for a Mystic Fairy Elfuria. He also did some other trades that I don’t remember. But as I said before, a lot of cards exchange hands during a sneak peek. If you like to make deals and trades, then you need to be at one of these.

For me this is one of best times to play YuGiOh. This is one of the only events that the playing field is leveled. Everyone has a good chance of winning their matches. The reason is due to you playing against other people with only the cards they get out of the 5 packs. You don’t have to worry about your opponent playing with staple cards like, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm and Monster Reborn. You also don’t have to worry about game changing cards like, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole. So you can just play your monsters and set your trap/spell without having to worry of lossing them all to one card.

What you are playing for is a chance to be the proud owner of the sneak peek mat. This mat usually is a hot item since this is the only way you can get one. It usually has a picture of the key monster that is displayed on the packs. Some of them look really nice. The Cosmo Blazer Mat looks super hot. Just look at a picture of it above. What do you think of the mat?

We pulled some decent cards from our packs. I actually was able to make a fire fist deck with the cards I pulled. I happen to pull the Fire Fist XYZ monster, Brotherhood of The Fire Fist-Tiger King.

YuGiOh Cards Game Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Tiger King

Littleman was not as fortunate as me. He didn’t get many usable cards but we created a deck that could bring out big beefy monsters and hope he can do the 4000 amount of damage to his opponent. I must say he did OK. Our plan way working untill the deck just ran out of steam. But over all we had a good time. Oh we got our hands on a mat too.

Check out the videos below to see what we pulled

Let me know how was your experience at your sneak peek and also let me know what you pulled in the comment area below.


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