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Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile – Gemini Absolute Zero

Elemental Hero Absolute Zero Yu-Gi-Oh Card GameI’m loving this format. Every day I see new decks popping up and winning some type of tournament. It can be a large tournament like a YCS or a regional. Better yet even the small locals too. Since the meta of this format is changing every day, many players can not just focus on how to beat a certain deck. People are making updated version of past great decks. One such deck is Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

The deck can really abuse some of the most powerful cards in the game. Such cards as Elemental Hero Strato, Deep Sea Diva, Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude, Reinforcement of the Army, and Pot Of Duality. Not only are you using these cards for their effects you are also going to be use them for a greater cause. That is summoning one of the best fusion monsters around Elemental Hero Absolute Zero.

Now there are many different builds to this type of deck. You can go with the way Maurice Brantly, YCS Philly Top 16, Absolute Zerodeck. Which is probably the more traditional build, using the Destiny Hero engine, both Diamond Dude and Malicious. That was a great meta call on his part for a tournament that was not prepared for his type of build.

Now you can also go the Gemini route. Replacing the Destiny Heros with Gemini monsters. Most particular are Alius and Lancer. Now that you have several gemini monsters you have access to one of the best spell cards in this format, Gemini Spark. Now that many decks are running main deck Royal Decrees, Gemini Spark becomes one of those cards that just laughes at Royal Decree. Since it’s a quick spell it is not affected by decree and allows you get rid any card on the field, even that pesky trap card, at any time you can.

I love having a Gemini Spark in hand and summoning Alius or Lancer. My opponent flips bottomless trap hole, I drop the gemini spark and get rid of any card on their side of the field and draw another card from my deck. I’m getting rid of 2 of their on field cards and I’m getting rid of 2 of my cards. My 1 card was going to be removed from play but now it goes to the grave, which is important if it was a lancer. And I get the 1 card draw from my deck. That’s a +1 in my book.

Miracle Fusion Yu-Gi-Oh Card
Now that you have used the gemini spark to get rid of anything on your opponents field, you can now reuse that same monster to brink out Absolute Zero with Miracle Fusion.

Remove from play, from your side of the field or your Graveyard, Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on an “Elemental Hero” Fusion Monster Card, and Special Summon that Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon).

This power full card is the main reason this deck is gaining strength. You use your monsters for their effects, then use them again to bring out the big boss man. Can you see why the card is called Miracle Fusion?

Just this past weekend Leo made this type of build and went undefeated at our locals. He also played it at the Statford Regionals and probably would have gotten an invite if wasn’t for time. We feel it’s a great deck to play at this time of the format.

Check out our Gemini Absolute Zero build

What do think of this build? Leave your comment below.

2 Responses to “Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile – Gemini Absolute Zero”


This is a good build i made 1 myself and it handles itself very well and i love that u can be doing bad n draw that miracle fusion n come back i just didnt run warning i ran judgment over it and it did very well same with my other techs in the deck.


sounds good. What were your other techs in your deck?


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