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Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile: Herald Of Perfection Video Too

Herald of Perfection YuGiOh Card gameOne of the decks that have been making a little splash in this format is Herald of Perfection. It’s a deck that can just shut down an opponent in one full swoop. Just like Mr. Miyagi said to Daniel in the original Karate Kid, “If done right, No can defend!”

Type: Ritual Monster    Property: Light Fairy/Ritual/Effect    Level: 6

This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, “Dawn of the Herald”. When your opponent activates a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster’s effect, you can send 1 Fairy-Type monster from your hand to the Graveyard to negate the activation and destroy that card.

Herald of Perfection is really terrifying because of one reason, its effect. While this monster is face-up on the field, it can negate ANY kinds of Spell, Trap, or even Monster effect that your opponent throws at you. You can think of this monster like Light and Darkness Dragon, albeit with better effect and works differently. So long as you control this monster, your opponent can only hope in removing him through battle. But there’s a catch to it’s amazing power…

Here is a Happy Herald Deck

In order to abuse its effect, you have to send 1 card from your hand to your Graveyard and it also must be a Fairy-Type monster! This means it’s not splashable in many decks, unlike LaDD. It works only in a dedicated Fairy deck. On the other hand, you must also carefully choose when to activate its effect. Since its ability to negate is limited to how many Fairy monster you have in your hand, you must not recklessly negate any effect. Is it going to threaten your Herald? Is it going to give my opponent a +1? Questions like these must be considered.

Herald of Perfection is by no means invicible. As I mentioned before, he still can be destroyed by battle. But you shouldn’t worry too much about that, remember it has a 2800 DEF, your opponent will have a hard time to destroy it by battle, provided you Special Summon it in defense position (as you should). That means your oppenent needs to bring out a monster that has an attack of 2900 or more. That means you have to be aware of monsters they can summon with such high ATK.

Such a monster is Judgment Dragon. While its effect can be negated by Herald, it still has a 3000 ATK. So they don’t need to use its board clearing effect. They just need to summon it and run over Herald. You also need to remember Herald of Perfection does not stop your opponent from synchro summoning. If they can get a tuner and a monster to have a total level of 8, they can synchro summon into Red Dragon Archfiend It’s 3000 ATK can run over Heralds 2800 DEF too.

Since Herald of Perfection is a ritual monster, it needs to be summoned by a ritual spell. That spell card is Dawn of the Herald.

Dawn of the Herald Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Type: Spell    Property: Ritual Card

This card is used to Ritual Summon “Herald of Perfection”. You must also Tribute monsters whose total level equals exactly 6 from the field or your hand. When “Herald of Perfection” is Summoned by the effect of this card, you can remove from play this card in your Graveyard to select 1 of the monsters used as a Tribute for the Ritual Summon, and add it from your Graveyard to your hand.

Following the trend of ritual spell cards in recent release, Dawn of the Herald can be removed from the Graveyard (immediately after it’s used) to use its “secondary” effect, which is to get back 1 monster that you use as a tribute. This means you can summon Herald of Perfection without losing much hand advantage! If it’s a Fairy monster, it also benefits much for Herald because you can use it for another Fairy fodder!

One thing to note is because of Dawn of the Herald secondary effect, it’s logically better to use a level 6 monster to use as a tribute. That way, when you use its secondary effect, you return the same tributed monster, which is the only one you tribute! It’s as if you don’t tribute any monsters at all to summon Herald of Perfection.

Now, the next issue in using Herald of Perfection effectively is you need fairy fodder. To use Herald of Perfection, you must avoid the situation where you have no cards in hand, which will make you no longer able to use its effect. That means you need to have Fairy monster available in your hand most of the time. So, how can you do to easily provide more Fairy fodder for Herald of Perfection?

Tethys, Goddess of Light

Tethys, Goddess of Light Type: Monster Property: Light Fairy/Effect Level: 5 2400/1800

When you draw a Fairy-Type monster(s), you can reveal 1 of those monsters to draw 1 more card.

The best solution is by having Tethys, the Goddess of Light in the field. She is the best draw-engine for Fairy Deck since everytime you draw a Fairy-type monster, you are allowed to draw again! In a pure Fairy deck, that means you are always guaranteed to at least draw 1 S/T every turn. More importantly, you also have chance to refill your hand with more Fairy monsters. This is great because it’s allowing Herald of Perfection to negate more effects!

You also don’t need to worry much about her survivability because she has 2400 ATK, enough to defend herself from most monsters. She’s also protected from effects because of Herald of Perfection. That’s why a pair of Herald of Perfection and Tethys will make a dangerous combination that will be really hard to break.

The combination of the Herald and Tethys is deadly and hard to break, but not impossible to. A clever synchro summon or the surprise hitter like JD can break it without much effort. But those methods still revolve in one thing that cannot be negated by Herald of Perfection, Special Summon. (Un)Fortunately, there is a Fairy monster that we all know can help with that, Archlord Kristya!!

Archlord Kristya

Archlord Kristya Type: Monster  Property: Light Fairy/Effect  Level: 8   2800/2300

If you have exactly 4 Fairy-Type monsters in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. When you do, add 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Graveyard to your hand. Neither player can Special Summon monsters. If this face-up card would be sent from the field to the Graveyard, it returns to the top of the owner’s Deck, instead.

You can say that Archlord Kristya is a real godsend for Herald user. Why? Cause Kristya + Herald of Perfection pretty much locks almost every thing your opponent can do. The hole in protecting Herald (Special Summoning high-ATK monster) is pretty much covered by Kristya because it prevents Special Summon! One other important reason in using Archlord Kristya is because of a simple reason, it has high ATK.

Having Herald of Perfection to negate many effects is nice but it’s not a game-ender. You generally don’t want to have Herald in ATK position because its ATK left nothing to be desired. While Tethys, with her 2400 ATK, is also a good alternative to win. Archlord Kristya is a lot better. He has higher ATK, pretty easy to summon because you have many methods to control your Graveyard, and it also provides a very good defense against Special Summoned monster.

All of the above strategies center around one card, which is the main topic of this article, Herald of Perfection. Without it, what you play is just like a basic Fairy deck without any grandeur protection. To make matter worse, because it’s a ritual monster, you also need Dawn of the Herald to summon it. But also because of that very same reason, there is a great card that can search either Herald of Perfection or Dawn of the Herald! Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

Manju of theTen Thousand HandsType: Monster   Property: Light Fairy/Effect   Level: 4   1400/1000

When this card is Normal Summoned or Flip Summoned, you can select 1 Ritual Monster Card or 1 Ritual Spell Card from your Deck and add it to your hand.

Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands is a great searcher. It can search either Herald of Perfection or Dawn of the Herald, whatever missing in your hand. But what makes it even greater is because you can use its search function immediately after it’s Summoned, that makes summoning Herald of Perfection is fast and easy thing to do. One other fact about this card that’s awesome is it’s Fairy-Type monster. That means it still has usefulness even after Herald of Perfection is on the field already, for fairy fodder or for another fairy to draw in Tethys Engine!

What can you do if you have to play against Herald of Perfection?

Against Light and Darkness Dragon, we can activate a card effect repeatedly (like using Treeborn Frog) to reduce it to harmless dragon. But unfortunately Herald of Perfection is not a mandatory effect. Therefore, the time when to use its effect is choosable. In other case, two cards can be activated in a chain without having Light and Darkness Dragon negate both (remember, it can only negate once in a chain!). But, Herald of Perfection is, again, works differently. It can negate more than once in a chain because its effect is multi-triggered quick effect. This solution is out of question then. So, what can we do to remove Herald?

It’s a matter of ruling. Herald of Perfection is a quick effect, therefore, it has Spell Speed 2. It’s really important to know because that way, Herald of Perfection cannot negate any effect with Spell Speed 3. It is then destroyable by Divine Wrath or Gladiator War Chariot. That’s why when this card is out, it’s better to include at least 1 Divine Wrath in side deck in case you are against it

Other cards that will immensely help against Herald of Perfection are of course the infamous Skill Drain and Royal Oppression. With Royal Oppression, you can stop Herald of Perfection from being summoned in the first place. You can also chain Skill Drain to the activation of Dawn of the Herald so that when Herald hit the field, it doesn’t have a chance to use its effect since Skill Drain has been activated already.

But, there are two things that need to be considered in using both of them to oppose Herald of Perfection. First, it’s not entirely usable in many decks since they can also kill your deck. You are not gonna use Royal Oppression in Quickdandy Warriors for example. Second, unlike Divine Wrath, you must have Skill Drain or Royal Oppression before Herald of Perfection hits the field. Consider the previous two reasons when you consider what to side against Herald deck.

What do you think about Herald of Perfection? Leave your comment below.

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nice article, keep the posts coming


thanks. What would like us to write about next?


I’ve been trying a deck like this but using Divine Grace- Northwemko and Prohibition and tech instead of fairies and herald of perfection


Prohibition is good tech. Especially since not many people are running MST main. Let me know how it does.


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