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YuGiOh Deck Profile: X-Saber – YCS Toronto 2010 Champion Lazaro Bellido

YuGiOh XX-SaberDarksoul CardIn a new format we never know what is going to come out as the top deck. But this weekends YCS Toronto just let us know what the top players thought would. There were several decks that toped, some old reliable and some new. There were several Gladiator Beast decks, a Gemini City and even a Machina Gadgets. But the reigning champion was X-Sabers.

Even with the banning of Rescue Cat, this deck still remains a force to be reckoned with. The deck still has the explosive power just not as quick as before. With the addition of new cards like Monster Reincarnation, Dark Hole, Pot Of Duality, Effect Veiler, and Solemn Warning it now has more cards to secure the advantage it creates.

Even the build that the current YCS Toronto champion, Lazaro Bellido, used had some “not so typical” cards. Cards such as, Enemy Controler, Debris Dragon, and Nimble Mega Hampster. You wouldn’t see these cards in this type of deck last format. New format, new cards and new strategies are making this season of playing a most interesting one.

The cards Lazaro used and the amount are very interesting. He used 2 XX-Saber Boggart Knight and 2 XX-Saber Faultroll. I would have guessed people would have maxed out on both Boggart Knight and Faultroll. This would make sure you can have and summon a Faultroll quickly. I’m guessing he went the more conservative route due to him having 5 other non x-saber monster cards. He didn’t want to have unusable cards in his hand. You know how it feels when you have dead cards in your hand.

With the inclusion of Nimble Mega Hampster, Debris Dragon and Enemy Controler Lazaro was able to get full use of his X-Saber Darksoul. Flip hampster, get darksoul. Got a darksoul in the grave, summon debris and get darksoul. Have a darksoul on the field, tribute it and gain control of your opponents monster and let me get any x-saber I need at the end of my turn. These were the different ways he was able to get darksoul and use it’s ablitlity to get any x-saber he needed at that time.

Being able to reuse darksoul’s ability guaranteed Lazaro got a faultroll to his hand. Thus another reason why he did not need to run 3 faultroll or 3 bogart knight. With Debris he could summon a Black Rose Dragon and still be able to search for any x-saber from his deck. Now that’s a powerful play in any deck. But in x-sabers it can mean game over for your opponent next turn. Of couse, that all depends on the cards you are holding.

Here is a deck profile video of the YCS Toronto champion, Lazaro Bellido, deck:

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