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YuGiOh’s linear vision and why it must change

Aaron YuGiOh Player(This is a guest post by Aaron from YouTube Channel TheShuckleTamer29 )

Most people in the yugioh community are very unaware of the fact that for every generation of the YuGiOh Television Series (not including season 0), the signature monster(s) have been either a warrior or a dragon.

Yugi saga: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

GX saga: The Elemental Hero Group

5D’s saga: The 6 Dragons (Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Black Rose Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon, Power Tool Dragon, Black Winged Dragon)

Zexal saga: Number 39: Utopia

That’s basically:


Gaia the Dragon Champion YuGiOh Card GameEven the very first extra deck card shown in the YuGiOh Series is Gaia The Dragon Champion. A fusion monster that of course needs, I’m sure you guessed, a warrior and a dragon.

This trend is also reflected within the real life card game. For a very long time and still today, Elemental Hero decks are very good and consistent. Guess what monster type they are, yup! Warriors!!

Do you know what monster type is in the top tier deck today? Let me give you a hint, they fly and have very scaly skin. Ding! Ding! Ding! Your Right! Dragons!!!! Dragon rulers seem to be ruling the rest of this format.

Let’s not forget about the announced Blue-Eyes synchro. So more dragons are coming to a local deck near you!

So warriors and namely dragons are stealing all of the attention from other types.

I’m very happy that Konami diversely made spellcasters great with spellbook and prophecy cards. As well as beast-warriors with the Brotherhood of the Fire Fists. It just upsets me though to see them completely undermining the underdogs of yugioh.

2 examples are:
1) Plants
2) Winged-Beast

Plants basically died when Glow-Up Bulb was banned. Winged-beasts faded away as The Blackwing archetype went out of its prime.

I’m sure if Konami made more archetypes focusing on the underdogs, like plants and winged-beasts, they could introduce the game to an audience of yugioh players that are new or who have retired and are interested in getting back into the game.

Plants are a ton of fun and winged-beasts are very formidable. They would shine for a long time, if and only if, Konami slows down on the warriors and the dragons.

This is an important food for thought. Yugioh is losing its diversity. Lets rebuild it!

What do you think about this? Leave you thoughts below.

5 Responses to “YuGiOh’s linear vision and why it must change”


What about Dark Magician? He was Yugi’s favorite card. It was often Dark magician against Blue Eyes.


I completely agree with everything you said. unfortunately dragons and warriors are the eye grabbers for all the kids. unfortunately what is killing the game is the speed and strength of the monsters period. when a game lasts only 2 turns, its no fun. the new dragons are a serious problem for this, especially with the ease of getting out FHD and big eye to clear take ur likely only monster. Im sitting this season out if it continues to persist. BTW no point on spending the some 300+ dollars you will need for these monsters, they are being reprinted in tins in a few short months, then likely to hit the rather extensive limited or semi list immediately by next update

Aaron (The Articles Writer) | June 11th, 2013 at 10:30 am

@thatguy, you bring up valuabe points I did not mention in the article. the game does become boring when the game is over that fast. Also, the Dragon Rulers or thier extra deck are bound to hit some part of the ban list one way or another. Assuming Konami limits Big Eye or Dracossack, Big Eye will be bound to be a promo in one of the upcoming 2 tin sets. I have a feeling that a Dracossack reprint will have to wait further than that. If they give the same strength that warriors and dragons have now to a new plant,Winged-Beast or even fiend deck, there could still be a light of hope for these types. Thank you for your comment and remember: with the help of people like us, the underdog types will be reborn.


most of the spellcasters in yu gi oh have been really put on the back burner. i would like to see them do something to make regular spellcasters, and ones that used to be stronger (Dark magician) into something that can be played and have more chance, perhaps maybe they can have fun with it but it would be good to see.


I must admit it, plant is growing slowly. But, there is still possibility for them as supporting. There’s possibility for Lonefire Blossom.

By the way, I agree Dragon’s too much (even plant doing dragon with Rose Dragon. I don’t know why Konami never balancing their card’s game?? maybe that’s way Yugioh’s excitement :)


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